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Nils Wierup, Frank Sundler and R Scott Heller

novel islet cell type, the islet ghrelin cell, has been presented and confirmed by several laboratories. This cell is the fifth cell type to be described in the adult human islets. Further, it is the seventh islet cell with known hormonal content when

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H Douglas Falls, Brian D Dayton, Dennis G Fry, Christopher A Ogiela, Verlyn G Schaefer, Sevan Brodjian, Regina M Reilly, Christine A Collins and Wiweka Kaszubska

sites of GHS-R expression, but also the pancreas, kidney, liver, heart, lung, ovary, prostate, and the placenta ( Gnanapavan et al. 2002 ). The full-length ghrelin receptor, GHS-R1a, is expressed mainly in the GH-producing cells of the pituitary

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Sehee Kim, Chanyang Kim and Seungjoon Park

ghrelin knockout mice showed lower numbers of progenitor cells in the DG, whereas AG administration restored progenitor cell numbers to those of wild-type controls ( Li et al. 2013 a ). Additionally, we also reported that AG increases cellular

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Riccarda Granata, Marco Volante, Fabio Settanni, Carlotta Gauna, Corrado Ghé, Marta Annunziata, Barbara Deidda, Iacopo Gesmundo, Thierry Abribat, Aart-Jan van der Lely, Giampiero Muccioli, Ezio Ghigo and Mauro Papotti

functions in cells and tissues that do not express the GHS-R1a, implying the existence of a yet unidentified ghrelin receptor ( Baldanzi et al . 2002 , Filigheddu et al . 2007 , Granata et al . 2007 ). Although mainly produced by the stomach, ghrelin

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Inge Seim, Amy A Lubik, Melanie L Lehman, Nadine Tomlinson, Eliza J Whiteside, Adrian C Herington, Colleen C Nelson and Lisa K Chopin

). Ghrelin may play a role in prostate cancer progression, and we have previously demonstrated that ghrelin mRNA and protein is expressed in prostate cancer cell lines and tissues and that ghrelin stimulates cell proliferation in prostate cancer cell lines

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Rhonda D Kineman, Manuel D Gahete and Raul M Luque

-ghrelin expression in a mouse hypothalamic cell line (N6) and in primary PIT cell cultures In order to investigate whether the In2-ghrelin variant mRNA levels could be directly regulated by metabolic hormones in hypothalamic cells, we used the

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Riccarda Granata, Alessandra Baragli, Fabio Settanni, Francesca Scarlatti and Ezio Ghigo

a , Tang et al . 2008 ). Ob is mainly produced in the stomach by the same endocrine cells as ghrelin, and at lower level in the pancreas ( Granata et al . 2008 , Gronberg et al . 2008 , Volante et al . 2009 ). Central activities have been

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Yan-ping Xu, Jia-jun Zhu, Fen Cheng, Ke-wen Jiang, Wei-zhong Gu, Zheng Shen, Yi-dong Wu, Li Liang and Li-zhong Du

, regulating cell proliferation and survival, apoptosis, inflammation, cardiovascular and gastric functions, metabolism, angiogenesis, development, and reproduction ( Muccioli et al . 2007 , Chanoine et al . 2009 , van der Lely 2009 ). Ghrelin is able to

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Sunan Li, Juxiong Liu, Qingkang Lv, Chuan Zhang, Shiyao Xu, Dongxue Yang, Bingxu Huang, Yalong Zeng, Yingjie Gao and Wei Wang

Introduction Acylated (AG) and unacylated ghrelin (UAG) are circulating peptides encoded by the preproghrelin gene peptides and are mainly secreted by the X/A-like enteroendocrine cells of the stomach ( Kojima et al . 1999 , Muller et al

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R M Luque, J R Peinado, F Gracia-Navarro, F Broglio, E Ghigo, R D Kineman, M M Malagón and J P Castaño

cells by binding to the GHS-R, as previously reported in rats ( Sibilia et al. 2006 ), we tested the effects of CST8 in combination with ghrelin. Surprisingly, a high dose of CST8 (10 −7 M) did not inhibit GH release induced by ghrelin. In fact, high