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Sogol Gachkar, Sebastian Nock, Cathleen Geissler, Rebecca Oelkrug, Kornelia Johann, Julia Resch, Awahan Rahman, Anders Arner, Henriette Kirchner and Jens Mittag

elevated. More importantly, when we treated mice for 4 days with T4, the genomic effects of the hormone on contractility where opposite to the non-genomic actions, that is increased vasoconstriction at high PE levels, suggesting that genomic actions prevail

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T Zhao, H Zhang, C Jin, F Qiu, Y Wu and L Shi

responsible for the melatonin effects on vascular tone ( Paulis & Simko 2007 ). The effects of melatonin on vascular function are complex; melatonin receptor activation causes vasoconstriction in some vasculatures and vasodilation in others. For instance

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Angelina Rafaela Debortoli, Wender do Nascimento Rouver, Nathalie Tristão Banhos Delgado, Vinicius Mengal, Erick Roberto Gonçalves Claudio, Laena Pernomian, Lusiane Maria Bendhack, Margareth Ribeiro Moysés and Roger Lyrio dos Santos

pathways has been not well described. In contrast, Kurt and Buyukafsar (2013) showed that G-1 administered in increasing concentrations triggers vasoconstriction in isolated and perfused kidneys in rats, suggesting that it exhibits diverse functions

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K Alexander Iwen, Rebecca Oelkrug and Georg Brabant

, Alexander et al . 2015 , Fischer et al . 2016 ), while the insulating effects of intradermal fat has been questioned at least in rodents ( Fischer et al . 2016 ). Vasoconstriction or vasodilatation serves as additional major mechanisms to regulate body

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Gregory S Y Ong and Morag J Young

. AGTR1 is associated with classical functions ascribed to angiotensin II such as vasoconstriction, reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation, vascular cell proliferation, aldosterone production, salt/fluid retention and increased sympathetic activity

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Kangmo Lu, Yuehua Zhou, Ken Kaufman, Robert Mott and Jian-xing Ma

FITC-albumin, each rat was perfused via the left ventricle with 50 ml of 1×PBS (pH 7.4), which was pre-warmed to 37 °C to prevent vasoconstriction. Immediately after the perfusion, the eyes were enucleated and the retinas were carefully dissected under

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Yan-ping Xu, Jia-jun Zhu, Fen Cheng, Ke-wen Jiang, Wei-zhong Gu, Zheng Shen, Yi-dong Wu, Li Liang and Li-zhong Du

counts and decreased vascular volume density. The pathogenesis of PH appears to involve an initial, active vasoconstriction of pulmonary resistance vessels that may progress to fixed luminal narrowing, elevated PVR, thrombi formation, and, ultimately

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Lichun Zhou, Baohua Ma and Xiuzhen Han

, vasoconstriction, retention of salt and water, cardiac contractility and growth stimulation, whereas the AT 2 R is believed to induce opposing effects, namely hypotension, vasodilatation, anti-hypertrophic effects, antigrowth by apoptosis and the possible

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Jie Yang, Jianyu Shang, Suli Zhang, Hao Li and Huirong Liu

mechanisms remain unclear but are likely to be multifactorial: endothelial cell dysfunction, excessive vasoconstriction ( Roberts & Gammill 2005 ), inflammation, immunological disorder ( Hubel et al. 2007 ), etc. Of the multifactorial impact factors, the

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Yingchun Li, Ramón A Lorca and Emily J Su

or downregulation of PTGS2 that is resulting in abnormal vasoconstriction. In general, PTGS2 inhibition has been shown to alter the prostacyclin to thromboxane A2 ratio, leading to a prostanoid phenotype that favors vasoconstriction ( Howard et al