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Rubab Akbar, Kamran Ullah, Tanzil Ur Rahman, Yi Cheng, Hai-Yan Pang, Lu-Yang Jin, Qi-Jing Wang, He-Feng Huang and Jian-Zhong Sheng

processes including cellular differentiation, proliferation, migration, and apoptosis ( Liang et al . 2017 ). Several studies have reported different roles of miRNAs in uterine receptivity. Zheng et al . (2017) found that miR-200c may impair uterine

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I Robertshaw, F Bian and S K Das

). Kawagoe and coworkers (2012) demonstrated that Ncoa6 regulates estrogen sensitivity and signaling affecting the uterine receptivity status. Using a conditional KO of Ncoa6 in mice, Kawagoe was able to demonstrate that loss of NCOA6 results in ERα

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Kanchan Gupta, Vijay Kumar Sirohi, Suparna Kumari, Vinay Shukla, Murli Manohar, Pooja Popli and Anila Dwivedi

early feto-maternal interaction ( Kodaman & Taylor 2004 , Yoshinaga 2008 ). These mediators include molecules associated with uterine receptivity e.g. cytokines, growth factors, adhesion molecules and extracellular matrix components, which play a

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Ying Chen, Hua Ni, Xing-Hong Ma, Shi-Jun Hu, Li-Ming Luan, Gang Ren, Yue-Chao Zhao, Shi-Jie Li, Hong-Lu Diao, Xiu Xu, Zhen-Ao Zhao and Zeng-Ming Yang

approximately 30% ( Zinaman et al. 1996 ). Impaired uterine receptivity is one of the major reasons for the failure of assisted reproductive techniques ( Edwards 1995 , Spandorfer & Rosenwaks 1999 ). Defects in implantation and trophoblast invasion are

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Kamran Ullah, Tanzil Ur Rahman, Hai-Tao Pan, Meng-Xi Guo, Xin-Yan Dong, Juan Liu, Lu-Yang Jin, Yi Cheng, Zhang-Hong Ke, Jun Ren, Xian-Hua Lin, Xiao-Xiao Qiu, Ting-Ting Wang, He-Feng Huang and Jian-Zhong Sheng

detrimental to uterine receptivity without affecting the embryo quality ( Simón et al . 1998 ), while, decreasing E 2 levels during the preimplantation period by a step-down protocol increased embryo implantation and pregnancy rates ( Valbuena et al . 1999

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Anna Maria Di Blasio, Michele Vignali and Davide Gentilini

H Wang X Schmid PC Krebsbach RJ Schmid HH Bonner TI Zimmer A Dey SK 2001 Dysregulated cannabinoid signaling disrupts uterine receptivity for embryo implantation . Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 20523 – 20528 . ( doi:10

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Douglas A Gibson, Ioannis Simitsidellis and Philippa T K Saunders

( Psychoyos 1973 , Aplin 1996 ). The uterine epithelium is normally hostile to the blastocyst and is required to undergo transition to a receptive state in order for implantation to occur. Uterine receptivity occurs over a restricted period of time during

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Kazuya Kusama, Mikihiro Yoshie, Kazuhiro Tamura, Kazuhiko Imakawa and Eiichi Tachikawa

the establishment of uterine receptivity, peri-implantation embryo survival, and embryo implantation as well as placentation ( Cha et al . 2012 ). Endometrial glandular epithelial cells synthesize and secrete implantation-related factors, including

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Douglas A Gibson, Paul A Foster, Ioannis Simitsidellis, Hilary O D Critchley, Olympia Kelepouri, Frances Collins and Philippa T K Saunders

window of uterine receptivity for implantation . PNAS 100 2963 – 2968 . ( ) 10.1073/pnas.0530162100 Miki Y Nakata T Suzuki T Darnel AD Moriya T Kaneko C Hidaka K Shiotsu Y Kusaka H Sasano

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L B James-Allan, G S Whitley, K Leslie, A E Wallace and J E Cartwright

Steel JH Webster Z Sucurovic S Nicou M Singh Y Lucas ES Murakami K Chan YW , 2012 Disordered IL-33/ST2 activation in decidualizing stromal cells prolongs uterine receptivity in women with recurrent pregnancy loss . PLoS ONE 7 e