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Michela Zamboni, Georgios Strimpakos, Eleonora Poggiogalle, Lorenzo M Donini, and Donato Civitareale

mechanisms behind this correlation are not fully understood. Since TTF-2 plays a critical role as mediator between extracellular inputs in the maintenance of thyroid-specific gene expression, we hypothesized that it could play a role in adipocyte signaling on

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Marina C Muñoz, Verónica G Piazza, Valeria Burghi, Jorge F Giani, Carolina S Martinez, Nadia S Cicconi, Nadia V Muia, Yimin Fang, Sergio Lavandero, Ana I Sotelo, Andrzej Bartke, Patricia A Pennisi, Fernando P Dominici, and Johanna G Miquet

signaling at the post-receptor level plays a crucial role in GH-induced insulin resistance ( Dominici et al. 2005 , Olarescu & Bollerslev 2016 , Kim & Park 2017 ). Changes in the myocardial sensitivity to insulin action affect cardiac metabolism and

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I Robertshaw, F Bian, and S K Das

of implantation. The mechanisms by which estrogen transforms a progesterone-primed uterus to the receptive state, activates blastocysts, and initiates implantation are not clearly delineated. The classical estrogen signaling pathway is through

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Custodia García-Jiménez, Jose Manuel García-Martínez, Ana Chocarro-Calvo, and Antonio De la Vieja

exogenous), and subsequent increase in insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) signaling. Altered balances of some adipokines may also contribute to an inflammatory state and increased proliferation; iii) chronic inflammation characterized by increased

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Yefei Pang and Peter Thomas

that multiple mPRs are expressed on the cell membranes of human VSMCs and that both progesterone and 02-0, a selective mPR agonist, but not R5020, a selective PR agonist, rapidly activated MAP kinase and Akt signaling pathways and caused muscle

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Márcia Faria, Daniela Félix, Rita Domingues, Maria João Bugalho, Paulo Matos, and Ana Luísa Silva

molecular ‘switches’ that regulate signaling pathways involved in processes such as gene expression, cell proliferation and cell migration ( Heasman & Ridley 2008 ). An alternative splicing event leads to the generation of RAC1b, a fast activating splice

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Gunnar Kleinau, Anne Müller, and Heike Biebermann

G-protein-coupled receptors The importance of GPCRs Physiological functions such as development, growth, behavior, learning, emotions, senses and aging are strongly dependent on the control of endocrine circuits. Hormonal signals exert

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Dhivya Kumar, Richard E Mains, and Betty A Eipper

, cloning, and structural/mechanistic studies focused on PAM and then expanded to include cell biological studies on secretory granule biogenesis, retrograde signaling from the granule lumen to the nucleus, and the delivery of essential cofactors (ascorbate

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Antara A Banerjee, Madhavi Dupakuntla, Bhakti R Pathak, and Smita D Mahale

downstream signaling pathways, but the exact molecular mechanism remains elusive. The recently solved crystal structure of FSH in complex with the entire ECD of FSHR including the hinge region provides some explanation. FSH interacts with FSHR in a two

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Pamela Petrocchi-Passeri, Cheryl Cero, Alessandro Cutarelli, Claudio Frank, Cinzia Severini, Alessandro Bartolomucci, and Roberta Possenti

various peptides stored in large, dense core granules and secreted via the regulated secretory pathway in response to different stimuli, such as membrane depolarization and intracellular signaling activation ( Possenti et al . 1989 , 1999 , Trani et al