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Shirlene X Ong, Keefe Chng, Michael J Meaney and Jan P Buschdorf

, Alati et al . 2007 ). Hippocampal structure and function associate with cognitive and mood disorders, and low birth weight (LBW) is associated with reduced hippocampal volume ( Buss et al . 2007 , de Bie et al . 2010 ). While human small for

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Jacqueline M Wallace, John S Milne, Raymond P Aitken and Clare L Adam

Introduction Inadequate prenatal growth velocity leading to intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), premature delivery and low birth weight is a risk factor for adverse metabolic health and obesity, particularly when the newborn is exposed to a

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Abby F Fleisch, Robert O Wright and Andrea A Baccarelli

fat distribution . PLoS Genetics 5 e1000508 doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1000508 . Lindsay RS Dabelea D Roumain J Hanson RL Bennett PH Knowler WC 2000 Type 2 diabetes and low birth weight: the role of paternal inheritance in the

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Jacqueline M Wallace, John S Milne, Raymond P Aitken, Dale A Redmer, Lawrence P Reynolds, Justin S Luther, Graham W Horgan and Clare L Adam

2006 Adipogenesis and IGF-1 . Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders 4 43 – 50 . ( doi:10.1089/met.2006.4.43 ). Jain V Singhal A 2012 Catch up growth in low birth weight infants: striking a healthy balance . Reviews in Endocrine

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Maria Cernea, Wei Tang, Haiyan Guan and Kaiping Yang

) as an adaptation to enhance future fat storage in order to face potential adverse environmental conditions in later life ( Hales et al . 1997 ). In particular, low birth weight has been associated with increased adiposity in humans ( Osmond & Barker

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Eva A Rog-Zielinska, Rachel V Richardson, Martin A Denvir and Karen E Chapman

:10.1161/01.CIR.102.8.926 ). Bassareo PP Fanos V Puddu M Cadeddu C Balzarini M Mercuro G 2011 Significant QT interval prolongation and long QT in young adult ex-preterm newborns with extremely low birth weight . Journal of Maternal–fetal & Neonatal

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Verónica García-Carpizo, Lidia Ruiz-Llorente, Mario Fraga and Ana Aranda

, suggesting that that epigenetic dysregulation is a strong candidate for propagating the cellular memory of intrauterine events, causing changes in expression of nearby genes and long-term susceptibility to type 2 diabetes. Low birth weight and unhealthy diets

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Yachao Zhang, Jieqiong Yang, Shijian Lv, Dong-Qin Zhao, Zi-Jiang Chen, Wei-Ping Li and Cong Zhang

. 2005 ). It is a serious disease and can lead to seizures (eclampsia), acute renal failure, acute liver injury, pulmonary edema and hemolysis. Children who are born to preeclamptic mothers usually have low birth weight and are at an increased risk of

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Seung Chul Kim, Mee-Na Park, Young Joo Lee, Jong Kil Joo and Beum-Soo An

6571 – 6583 . ( doi:10.1128/MCB.00654-06 ) Ng P Lam C Lee C Ma K Fok T Chan I Wong E 2002 Reference ranges and factors affecting the human corticotropin-releasing hormone test in preterm, very low birth weight infants

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Muraly Puttabyatappa and Vasantha Padmanabhan

in large PCOS cohort studies. Developmental basis in the origin of PCOS The observation that individuals born with low birth weight are at high risk for manifestation of cardiometabolic disorders during adulthood led to the developmental