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Parmita Kar and Ravinder Goswami

hyperphosphatemia on long-term conventional therapy of vitamin D and calcium ( Saha & Goswami 2019 ). Moreover, a follow-up study of hypoparathyroid patients revealed a significant role of hyperphosphatemia in the progression of BGC on computerized tomography

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Bryan B Ho and Clemens Bergwitz

proximal tubules ( Ide et al. 2016 ). Likewise, conditional ablation of Fgfr1 in the distal tubule ( Ksp-Cre ) caused hypophosphatemia and hypercalciuria whereas ablation in the proximal tubule ( gGt-Cre ) resulted in hyperphosphatemia ( Fig. 2B ). At

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Laurent Beck and Sarah Beck-Cormier

pathway. Precise knowledge of the mechanisms underlying the long-term and the putative short-term regulations of Pi homeostasis is crucial to propose an appropriate clinical response in relevant disease states. A persistent hyperphosphatemia has very

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Yuichiro Takei, Hironori Yamamoto, Masashi Masuda, Tadatoshi Sato, Yutaka Taketani, and Eiji Takeda

, hypercalcemia, and hyperphosphatemia ( Kuro-o et al . 1997 , Yoshida et al . 2002 ). However, Honda et al . (1999) have documented that renal Stc2 mRNA expression is reduced by calcitriol, the active form of vitamin D 3 , in rats. Thus, the regulatory

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Seiji Fukumoto

Hyperostosis-hyperphosphatemia syndrome: a congenital disorder of O-glycosylation associated with augmented processing of fibroblast growth factor 23 . Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 22 235 – 242 . ( ) Fukumoto

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Murat Bastepe, Serap Turan, and Qing He

) type-I ( Albright et al . 1942 , Chase et al . 1969 ). Hypocalcemia and hyperphosphatemia with elevated PTH levels are the typical biochemical features of PHP type-I. Only mutations on the maternal allele cause PTH resistance, owing to the silencing

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Caroline M Gorvin

concentrations are inappropriately low in 76% of patients and normal in 24% of patients. Other biochemical features of ADH1 include hyperphosphatemia, hypomagnesemia and hypercalciuria ( Hannan & Thakker 2013 , Roszko et al. 2016 ). Most ADH1 patients have a

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Abdolreza Esmaeilzadeh, Reza Elahi, Amir Siahmansouri, Armin Jahani Maleki, and Amirhosein Moradi

). A similar case has been reported by Dianatfar et al. (2021) . Both studies ruled out the possible etiologies for hypoparathyroidism and finally suggested that hypoparathyroidism and hyperphosphatemia could have occurred secondary to COVID-19

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Yangli Xie, Siru Zhou, Hangang Chen, Xiaolan Du, and Lin Chen

. 2004 , Yu & White 2005 ). Conversely, mice with deletions in Fgf23 show hyperphosphatemia, ectopic mineralization, and poorly formed skeletons with an extremely low PTH level and an elevated 1,25(OH) 2 vitamin D 3 level ( Liu et al . 2006 ). Fgf23