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Rafaela Fadoni Alponti, Luciana Godoy Viana, Norma Yamanouye and Paulo Flavio Silveira

.1046/j.1471-4159.2003.01852.x ). Lo KA Labadorf A Kennedy NJ Han MS Yap YS Matthews B Xin X Sun L Davis RJ Lodish HF 2013 Analysis of in vitro insulin-resistance models and their physiological relevance to in vivo diet

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N Martínez-Micaelo, N González-Abuín, A Ardévol, M Pinent, E Petretto, J Behmoaras and M Blay

environment that are associated with the development of obesity are not fully understood, studies of inbred animal strains showed susceptibility to diet-induced obesity, whereas other strains show resistance, therefore suggesting that the genetic background

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Ke-feng Yang, Wei Cai, Jia-li Xu and Wen Shi

( Hales & Barker 1992 , 2001 , Godfrey & Barker 2001 ). Recently, quite a few animal studies have indicated that a maternal high-fat (HF) diet increases offspring susceptibility to the later development of a metabolic syndrome-like phenotype ( Singh et

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R Buettner, K G Parhofer, M Woenckhaus, C E Wrede, L A Kunz-Schughart, J Schölmerich and L C Bollheimer

of view, experiments with these obesity models will clarify only certain aspects of the metabolic syndrome and contribute little to the overall understanding of this condition’s pathophysiology. The first description of a ‘high-fat diet’ to

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ChengCheng Lin, Bei Shao, YuLei Zhou, XiaoTing Niu and YuanShao Lin

challenge alters adult responses to cerebral ischemia ( Spencer et al . 2006 ). The environment that offspring experiences in early life, including intrauterine and early postnatal environment, is highly influenced by maternal diet and metabolic status

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J Bian, X M Bai, Y L Zhao, L Zhang and Z J Liu

leptin concentrations were high in obese children ( Nakanishi et al . 2001 ) and that gene expression of Lrb was reduced in diet-induced obese rats ( Liu et al . 2007 ), which implied that downregulation of Lrb was involved in leptin resistance. The

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Kjersti M Aagaard-Tillery, Kevin Grove, Jacalyn Bishop, Xingrao Ke, Qi Fu, Robert McKnight and Robert H Lane

al . 2005 , Rich-Edwards et al . 2005 ). We therefore hypothesized that a maternal high-fat diet would alter fetal hepatic chromatin structure, as well as the functional expression of key components of the epigenetic machinery. Following

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Edra London, Maria Nesterova and Constantine A Stratakis

response to obesogenic diet. The most extensively studied model is the diet-induced obesity (DIO)-resistant PKA RIIβ KO mouse that has elevated energy expenditure and basal lipolysis ( Cummings et al . 1996 , Planas et al . 1999 ) improved insulin

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Feng Wang, Lu Wang, Yifeng Wang, Dai Li, Tianpeng Hu, Manyi Sun and Ping Lei

important role in axonal development, memory formation and neuroprotection ( Yu et al . 2017 ). An in vivo study suggests that high-fat diet causes cognitive decline and down-regulation of CREB in hippocampus ( Tang et al . 2018 ). Our previous study

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Loes P M Duivenvoorde, Evert M van Schothorst, Annelies Bunschoten and Jaap Keijer

). Fast foods, for example, as supplied by some typical outlets, contain an average energy density that is more than twice the energy density of a recommended healthy diet, and the energy density of food highly correlates with the fat content of a meal