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Ji Chen, Chao Li, Wenjie Liu, Bin Yan, Xiaoling Hu, and Fengrui Yang

response in vitro . Figure 2 Effects of silencing miR-155 or restoring Nrf2 on Schwann cells. (A) Representative micrographs showing RSC96 cell proliferation after EdU assay in different groups (×200). (B) The number of EdU-positive cells. (C

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Xueyao Yin, Fenping Zheng, Qianqian Pan, Saifei Zhang, Dan Yu, Zhiye Xu, and Hong Li

more ROS than SHG in endothelial cells ( Quagliaro et al . 2003 , Piconi et al . 2006 ), islet cell ( Del Guerra et al . 2007 , Kim et al . 2012 ) and Schwann cells ( Sun et al . 2012 a , b ). We found that in the presence of lipotoxicity, SHG

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Alvaro Moreira, Samuel Kahlenberg, and Peter Hornsby

. 2015 ). Additional articles have reported the successful differentiation of MSCs into insulin-producing cells, Schwann cells and neurons ( Keilhoff et al. 2006 , Moshtagh et al. 2013 , Feng et al. 2014 ). Figure 2 depicts a WJ-MSC that has

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Sonia Ciarmatori, Daniela Kiepe, Anke Haarmann, Ulrike Huegel, and Burkhard Tönshoff

diverse cellular actions of IGF-I vary according to the cell type ( Petley et al. 1998 ). For example, in brown adipocytes, skeletal muscle cells and Schwann cells, IGF-I-mediated cell differentiation is signaled through the PI-3-kinase pathway

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Zuo Zhang, Hongli Zhou, and Jiyin Zhou

micropathology and increasing neuritin expression via the mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway ( Zhou et al. 2016 ). Administration of exogenous neuritin improves the viability and function of Schwann cells in diabetic neuropathy rats ( Xi et al

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W M Liu, Y J Cao, Y J Yang, J Li, Z Hu, and E-K Duan

1723 –1736. Anton ES , Hadjiargyrou M, Patterson PH & Matthew WD 1995 CD9 plays a role in Schwann cell migration in vitro. Journal of Neuroscience 15 584 –595. Aoyama K , Oritani K, Yokota T

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Silvia Giatti, Roberto Cosimo Melcangi, and Marzia Pesaresi

), oligodendrocytes/Schwann cells ( Jung-Testas et al. 1996 , Ghoumari et al. 2005 ), as well as the myelination process ( Chan et al. 2000 , Melcangi et al. 2005 , Roglio et al. 2008 , Schumacher et al. 2014 ). These effects are mediated by an array

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Charit Taneja, Sakshi Gera, Se-Min Kim, Jameel Iqbal, Tony Yuen, and Mone Zaidi

of Fertility and Menopausal Studies 120 – 125 . 7663538 Pertusa M Morenilla-Palao C Carteron C Viana F Cabedo H 2007 Transcriptional control of cholesterol biosynthesis in Schwann cells by axonal neuregulin 1 . Journal of Biological

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Ling Wang, Yu-Dong Wang, Wen-Jun Wang, Ying Zhu, and Da-Jin Li

& Feldman EL 2001 Insulin-like growth factor-I and Bcl-X(L) inhibit c-jun N-terminal kinase activation and rescue Schwann cells from apoptosis. Journal of Neurochemistry 76 935 –943. Chow J , Tobias H, Colston KW & Chambers

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Laure Nivlet, Joel Herrmann, Delia Esteban Martin, Aline Meunier, Christophe Orvain, and Gérard Gradwohl

islets ( Fig. 5 d, white arrows) as well as in the acinar tissue along blood vessels ( Fig. 5 e, white arrows) which frequently overlapped with GFRα3 immunostaining. Finally, GFRα3 also marks peri-insular and intra-islet Schwann cells (labeled by the