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Keir Menzies and Johan Auwerx

metabolism ( Guan & Xiong 2011 , Patel et al . 2011 ), often by ‘sensing’ the redox state and/or the energetic state of the cell. These two states, although seemingly similar, describe different processes within the cell. The redox state often implies the

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Kenneth Siddle

Introduction Insulin and the insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) control many aspects of metabolism, growth and survival in a wide range of mammalian tissues ( Nakae et al . 2001 ). Insulin/IGF signalling also contributes to regulation of lifespan

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Carlos Larqué, Myrian Velasco, Francisco Barajas-Olmos, Neyvis García-Delgado, Juan Pablo Chávez-Maldonado, Jazmín García-Morales, Lorena Orozco and Marcia Hiriart

response. These genes include transcription factors such as MafA and NeuroD1 ; hormone receptors (Glp1r); glycolysis-, and Krebs cycle-related genes, namely Slc2a2 , Pfk1 , and Pc ; metabolism/use of FAD/FMN-related genes (flavin adenine dinucleotide

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Amy Warner and Jens Mittag

hormone actions. Thyroid hormone modulates metabolism via the brain The most investigated effects of thyroid hormone on the central control of homeostasis in rodents are those on metabolism and brown fat thermogenesis. Here, both developmental and acute

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Melisa Kurtz, Evangelina Capobianco, Nora Martinez, Sabrina Lorena Roberti, Edith Arany and Alicia Jawerbaum

sources and then switches to fatty acids in the neonate, to assure proper energy metabolism according to dietary and physiological conditions ( Finck 2007 ). Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARα), the first of the three PPAR isotypes

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Xin-wei Chen, Ye-hong Li, Meng-jun Zhang, Zhou Chen, Dian-shan Ke, Ying Xue and Jian-ming Hou

physiologically pleiotropic properties, such as antioxidant ( Kruzel et al. 2002 ) anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects, as well as the regulation of bone metabolism. Indeed, Bharadwaj et al . found that following an oral supplementation of LF, bone

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Silvia Giatti, Mariaserena Boraso, Roberto Cosimo Melcangi and Barbara Viviani

several neuronal functions ( Melcangi et al . 2008 ). Synthesis and metabolism of neuroactive steroids occur in neurons and glial cells ( Garcia-Segura & Melcangi 2006 , Melcangi et al . 2008 , Panzica & Melcangi 2008 , Pelletier 2010

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Bo Li, Zhiguo Zhang, Huizhi Zhang, Kai Quan, Yan Lu, Dongsheng Cai and Guang Ning

with the suppression of several genes involved in the FA oxidation pathway ( Wanless & Lentz 1990 , Mitsuyoshi et al . 2009 ). Intracellular hepatic FA metabolism is regulated mainly via the mitochondrial β-oxidation systems ( Kurtz et al . 1998

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Irit Hochberg, Innocence Harvey, Quynh T Tran, Erin J Stephenson, Ariel L Barkan, Alan R Saltiel, William F Chandler and Dave Bridges

leads to similar clinical manifestations. Numerous studies have shown that glucocorticoids have profound effects on adipose tissue metabolism, including the promotion of adipocyte differentiation ( Hauner et al . 1987 ) and induction of lipolysis and

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K Alexander Iwen, Rebecca Oelkrug and Georg Brabant

basal metabolism is sufficient to maintain body temperature. A decrease of ambient temperature below the TNZ activates cold-sensitive thermoreceptors of the skin, reinforces cutaneous vasoconstriction and piloerection to optimise insulation and induces