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Anji Lian, Keqiang Wu, Tianqiang Liu, Nan Jiang and Quan Jiang

the hepatic actions and post-receptor signaling mechanisms for the adropin regulation of LPL gene expression. Materials and methods Animals Sexually mature male tilapia (standard length: 11±0.5 cm, body weight: 50±5.0 g) were maintained in freshwater

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Silvia Ottaviani, Alexander de Giorgio, Victoria Harding, Justin Stebbing and Leandro Castellano

approximately 22-nt single-stranded RNA molecules that mediate post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression either by inhibiting translation or by promoting destabilization of target mRNAs through deadenylation ( Fabian et al . 2010 , Krol et al . 2010

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Andreas Petri, Jonas Ahnfelt-Rønne, Klaus Stensgaard Frederiksen, David George Edwards, Dennis Madsen, Palle Serup, Jan Fleckner and R Scott Heller

fats in the small intestine, and hormones including insulin and glucagon required for the regulation of blood glucose levels ( Slack 1995 ). Three distinct populations of cells make up the adult pancreas. The acinar cells produce and secrete enzymes

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S Bauersachs, S E Ulbrich, K Gross, S E M Schmidt, H H D Meyer, R Einspanier, H Wenigerkind, M Vermehren, H Blum, F Sinowatz and E Wolf

-PCR The CPs determined for the target genes were normalised against the housekeeping gene Ubiquitin. Results are presented as means ( n =3) (see Table 4 ). Expression ratios are presented as x-fold regulation between oestrus and dioestrus relating to

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H K Kinyamu, J Chen and T K Archer

the enzymatic activities associated with the signalosome are involved in the control of NR protein stability and transcriptional regulation. Role of the ubiquitin–proteasome pathway in chromatin structure and gene

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Amelia J Brennan, Julie A Sharp, Christophe M Lefèvre and Kevin R Nicholas

first cultured with IFP for 3 days to induce milk protein gene expression and mimic lactogenesis. Removal of exogenous IFP from the media for either 5 or 10 days resulted in the down-regulation of αS1-casein and BLG gene expression in explants (IFP 3 →NH

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Beatriz Gámez, Edgardo Rodriguez-Carballo and Francesc Ventura

so rapidly that it has become an integral component of the way we think gene expression is regulated in cartilage and bone development. Cell-specific signaling and transcriptional regulation in skeletal biology are extremely dynamic processes that are

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Knut R Steffensen, Soek Ying Neo, Thomas M Stulnig, Vinsensius B Vega, Safia S Rahman, Gertrud U Schuster, Jan-Åke Gustafsson and Edison T Liu

further analyses of LXR-specific targets. Taken together, these data suggest the importance of LXR regulation in various tissues. Next we wanted to verify the observed changes in gene expression from the microarray experiment and performed Q-PCR on

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A M Tarrant, S R Greytak, G V Callard and M E Hahn

, Shigeta et al. 1997 , Liu et al. 2003 ), but regulation of ERR expression is not well understood. Examination of teleost genomic databases has revealed that fishes contain additional diversity of ERR genes as compared with mammals: six ERR

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Inna Astapova

, Schweizer & Kohrle 2013 ). Physiological effects of TH are largely mediated by regulation of gene transcription by TH receptors (TRs): ligand-dependent transcription factors that belong to the nuclear receptor (NR) superfamily. Two different genes ( Thra