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Ahmed A Hasan and Berthold Hocher

to improved kidney function, decreased renal oxidative stress and abolished renal damage as illustrated by histological examination. The reno-protective effects of sitagliptin in this study could be at least partly attributed to its ability to

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Colin R Jefcoate and Jinwoo Lee

toward cholesterol signaling as a major contributor, most notably through abnormalities in neural circuits for the activities of Apo E, oxidative stress and various hydroxycholesterol derivatives ( Czuba et al . 2017 ). Cholesterol is ten times more

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Eva A Rog-Zielinska, Rachel V Richardson, Martin A Denvir and Karen E Chapman

Introduction Glucocorticoids are steroid hormones produced by the adrenal cortex. They regulate stress responses and exert potent immunomodulatory effects in adults ( McEwen 1997 ) and are essential for the transition from foetal to neonatal life

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Daniela Nasteska and David J Hodson

fail are well defined, at least in rodents, and encompass loss of glucose responsiveness, de-differentiation, ER stress and apoptosis, all probably secondary to a combination of glucolipotoxicity and cytotoxicity ( Porte & Kahn 2001 , Prentki & Nolan

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ChengCheng Lin, Bei Shao, YuLei Zhou, XiaoTing Niu and YuanShao Lin

early life may also have deleterious consequences on the health of adults ( Barker 2004 ). Indeed, stress such as maternal separation or neonatal bacterial challenge has been reported to increase adult susceptibility to obesity, insulin resistance, high

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Yeon Jean Cho, Seung Hyun Lee, Jung Woo Park, Myoungseok Han, Mi Jin Park and Sang Jun Han

initiation and progression of endometriosis, the precise pathogenesis of endometriosis remains unknown. To help address this crucial question, we have summarized how the dysregulation of inflammation, apoptosis and oxidative stress signaling in immune cells

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Katarzyna Zielniok, Agnieszka Sobolewska and Małgorzata Gajewska

biological responses were proven to be dependent on the expression and activation of specific receptors: oestrogen receptors (ERα and ERβ) and progesterone receptors (PRA and PRB) ( Schams et al . 2003 , Lamote et al . 2004 ). ER and PR induce genomic

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Iwona J Bujalska, Nicole Draper, Zoi Michailidou, Jeremy W Tomlinson, Perrin C White, Karen E Chapman, Elizabeth A Walker and Paul M Stewart

glucocorticoid receptor (GR) activation. 11β-HSD1 resides within the lumen of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) ( Ozols 1995 , Odermatt et al. 1999 ) and is bi-directional, being able to catalyze both the dehydrogenase (cortisol to cortisone) and oxo

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Stefan Karger, Kerstin Krause, Cornelia Engelhardt, Carl Weidinger, Oliver Gimm, Henning Dralle, Sien-Yi Sheu-Grabellus, Kurt Werner Schmid and Dagmar Fuhrer

Introduction The thyroid follicular cell is at increased risk of oxidative stress resulting in oxidative DNA damage induced by reactive oxidative species (ROS). In particular, an imbalance between pro- and antioxidative factors has been suggested as

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Joan S Lewis, T J Thomas, Richard G Pestell, Chris Albanese, Michael A Gallo and Thresia Thomas

receptors (ERαand ERβ), ligand-activated transcription factors present in target tissues (Katzenellenbogen et al. 2000, McKenna & O’Malley 2002 , Thomas et al. 2004 ). In general, estrogenic action involves the binding of the ligand to the ER, which