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Young Ho Suh, Younyoung Kim, Jeong Hyun Bang, Kyoung Suk Choi, June Woo Lee, Won-Ho Kim, Tae Jeong Oh, Sungwhan An and Myeong Ho Jung

adipocyte in PI3-kinase dependent or independent signal transduction pathways ( Imamura et al. 1999 ). Therefore, the upregulation of RGS in insulin sensitive tissues could attenuate insulin stimulated GLUT4 translocation by inhibiting signaling by GTP

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S Bauersachs, S E Ulbrich, K Gross, S E M Schmidt, H H D Meyer, R Einspanier, H Wenigerkind, M Vermehren, H Blum, F Sinowatz and E Wolf

B. taurus decorin DCN NM_173906 1.9 2 21 Signal transduction, ECM remodelling B. taurus mRNA for similar to elongation

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Yan-ping Xu, Jia-jun Zhu, Fen Cheng, Ke-wen Jiang, Wei-zhong Gu, Zheng Shen, Yi-dong Wu, Li Liang and Li-zhong Du

and NO-enhanced growth and tube formation was observed in PPHN PAECs ( Gien et al . 2007 ). There is increasing evidence that ghrelin has a potent vasodilator effect. We hypothesize that ghrelin would prevent PPHN by altering signal transduction

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Xiaodong Li, Stephanie L Nott, Yanfang Huang, Russell Hilf, Robert A Bambara, Xing Qiu, Andrei Yakovlev, Stephen Welle and Mesut Muyan

level of transcription of immediate/early estrogen responsive genes ( Frasor et al . 2003 ). Expression profiling revealed that the genes regulated by ERβ and ERβ EBD are involved in a broad range of function including metabolism, signal transduction

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Zhi Zhang, Fang Wang, Bing-jian Wang, Guang Chu, Qunan Cao, Bao-Gui Sun and Qiu-Yan Dai

-antagonist function of adiponectin in our 3D vessel model in order to elucidate the effects of receptors and the underlying signal transduction pathways of adiponectin. Materials and methods Preparation of HUVECs and HUASMCs The present study was approved by the

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J H Li, F Sicard, M A Salam, M Baek, J LePrince, H Vaudry, K Kim, H B Kwon and J Y Seong

, Richard et al. 2001 ). The signal transduction pathways associated with NTRs have been studied in various cell lines. Activation of rat NTR1 (rNTR1) induces an increase in inositol trisphosphate (IP 3 ) and Ca 2+ mobilization through an

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Nelson D Horseman and Karen A Gregerson

Introduction The goal of this review is to provide an analytical update on the biology of prolactin (PRL) actions, with a bias toward its effects in mammals, especially humans. The signal transduction mechanisms that underlie these biological

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Nima Sharifi, Robert J Lechleider and William L Farrar

( Massague et al . 2005 ). The antagonistic property of inhibin has to do with inhibin binding the type II activin receptor and TGFβRIII, forming a complex that interferes with activin binding the type II receptor, thereby inhibiting signal transduction

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J Liu, X-D Li, A Ora, P Heikkilä, A Vaheri and R Voutilainen

the primary antibodies were replaced with non-specific rabbit IgG or PBS, there was no specific staining. These results indicated that the components for TNFα signal transduction are available in H295R cells. Treatment with had no significant effect on

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Kenneth Siddle

-GlcNAc following insulin stimulation, and this in turn modulates their serine phosphorylation and attenuates insulin signal transduction ( Yang et al . 2008 ). IRS1 is O -GlcNAcylated at multiple sites in close proximity to SH2 domain-binding motifs