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Z Alourfi, R P Donn, A Stevens, A Berry, A McMaster and D W Ray

-type human MIF sequence. Predicted binding sites for transcription factors in −832 CATT (5–7) -MIF-173G +85 (Embl ID: HSMIF accession no. L 19686.1), using AliBaba 2.1 ( ) and MatInspector ( www

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Angela Nebbioso, Carmela Dell'Aversana, Anne Bugge, Roberta Sarno, Sergio Valente, Dante Rotili, Fabio Manzo, Diana Teti, Susanne Mandrup, Paolo Ciana, Adriana Maggi, Antonello Mai, Hinrich Gronemeyer and Lucia Altucci

. doi:10.1074/jbc.M100800200 . Weiler-Guettler H Yu K Soff G Gudas LJ Rosenberg RD 1992 Thrombomodulin gene regulation by cAMP and retinoic acid in F9 embryonal carcinoma cells . PNAS 89 2155 – 2159 . doi:10.1073/pnas.89.6.2155 . Yang

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Valentina Vaira, Francesca Elli, Irene Forno, Vito Guarnieri, Chiara Verdelli, Stefano Ferrero, Alfredo Scillitani, Leonardo Vicentini, Filomena Cetani, Giovanna Mantovani, Anna Spada, Silvano Bosari and Sabrina Corbetta

in parathyroid tumours DNA methylation of CpG-rich regions is a key event in epigenetic gene regulation or genomic imprinting. Therefore, we tested the hypothesis that a different epigenetic pattern in the C19MC promoter regulatory region might be

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B Horard, A Castet, P-L Bardet, V Laudet, V Cavailles and J-M Vanacker

. Sanchez R , Nguyen D, Rocha W, White JH & Mader S 2002 Diversity in the mechanisms of gene regulation by estrogen receptors. Bioessays 24 244 –254. Schreiber SN , Emter R, Hock MB, Knutti D, Cardenas J, Podvinec M

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M Essand, S Vikman, J Grawé, L Gedda, C Hellberg, K Oberg, T H Totterman and V Giandomenico

gene regulation and to develop new drugs. Figure 1 VMAT1Δ15 is an alternatively spliced form of VMAT1. (A) During RNA splicing of VMAT1, exon 15, the second to last exon, can sometimes be spliced out. This

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Chunyi Li, Yan Li, Yinghui Li, Hong Liu, Zhijun Sun, Jingyu Lu and Yanyan Zhao

/uridylate-rich elements (AREs) within the 3′-UTR are now considered central cis -elements in the gene regulation ( Stellato 2004 ). AREs interact with ARE-binding factors and mediate mRNA stability and translation. As we did not find a tandem AUUUA sequence in a TA

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Mary S Erclik and Jane Mitchell

direct evidence for gene regulation by PTH through an AP-2 element in osteoblasts. This result is of particular interest following two recent investigations aimed at identifying common transcription elements in PTH-regulated genes; both studies identified

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Tzu-Ying Lee, Ke-Li Tsai, Wen-Sen Lee and Chin Hsu

, Tsai KL, Shih HC, Lee TY & Hsu C 2005 Gene regulation by NMDA receptor activation in the SDN-POA neurons of male rats during sexual development. Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 34 433 –445. Hwang JY , Kim YH, Ahn YH

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Patricia K Russell, Michele V Clarke, Jarrod P Skinner, Tammy P S Pang, Jeffrey D Zajac and Rachel A Davey

mOBL-ARKOs by microarray analysis could not be confirmed by Q-PCR, highlighting the importance of confirming all microarray analysis gene regulation data in a larger cohort of RNA samples before drawing conclusions. All the genes discussed below were

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E Yamamori, M Asai, M Yoshida, K Takano, K Itoi, Y Oiso and Y Iwasaki

understanding of the regulatory mechanism of the HPA axis at the molecular level. Previous studies in the field of CRH gene regulation have focused on the role of the cAMP-protein kinase A (PKA) pathway, because the canonical cAMP-responsive element (CRE