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Chung Thong Lim, Blerina Kola and Márta Korbonits

used to reverse insulin resistance and improve glucose tolerance. It is known that TZDs improve insulin sensitivity by activating nuclear PPAR-γ and the consequent regulation of gene transcription. However, it is also believed that TZDs can improve

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Lynley D Pound, Suparna A Sarkar, Stéphane Cauchi, Yingda Wang, James K Oeser, Catherine E Lee, Philippe Froguel, John C Hutton and Richard M O'Brien

Slc30a8 expression can be achieved, have also failed to demonstrate a critical role for ZnT-8 in the control of glucose metabolism. Thus, mice in which the Slc30a8 gene was globally deleted have normal glucose tolerance ( Lemaire et al . 2009

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Rihua Zhang, Dongming Su, Weidong Zhu, Qiong Huang, Menglan Liu, Yi Xue, Yuanyuan Zhang, Dong li, Allan Zhao and Yun Liu

tolerance test Fourteen weeks after the E 2 treatment, IPGTT was conducted. All rats were starved for 12 h, and then their tail blood glucose concentrations (mM) were monitored using a handheld glucometer (ACCU-CHEK Performa, Roche). Blood was collected

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Caitlyn Nguyen-Ngo, Nanthini Jayabalan, Carlos Salomon and Martha Lappas

muscle compared to pregnant women with normal glucose tolerance (NGT) ( Shao et al. 2002 , Colomiere et al. 2009 ). However, women with GDM also display a greater proportion of serine phosphorylated IRS-1 ( Shao et al. 2002 , Barbour et al. 2006

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Jian-Hua Chen, Maria Segni, Felicity Payne, Isabel Huang-Doran, Alison Sleigh, Claire Adams, UK10K Consortium, David B Savage, Stephen O'Rahilly, Robert K Semple and Inês Barroso

. 2006 ). Other analytes were determined in accredited clinical diagnostic laboratories of the referring hospital. For oral glucose tolerance testing, 1.75 g glucose/kg was administered after a 10 h fast and blood samples taken at the times indicated for

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Jie Sun, Yan Liu, Jinhui Yu, Jin Wu, Wenting Gao, Liyuan Ran, Rujiao Jiang, Meihua Guo, Dongyu Han, Bo Liu, Ning Wang, Youwei Li, He Huang, Li Zeng, Ying Gao, Xin Li and Yingjie Wu

Pharmaceutical Co., Jiangsu, China. Glucose tolerance tests Glucose tolerance test (GTT) was performed after 8 weeks on the diets and again after 10 weeks of gavage. Following an overnight fasting for about 16 h, the mice were subjected to intraperitoneal

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Isadora C Furigo, Pryscila D S Teixeira, Paula G F Quaresma, Naira S Mansano, Renata Frazão and Jose Donato Jr

glucose tolerance and hyperinsulinemia in a glucose tolerance test ( Landgraf et al. 1977 , Tuzcu et al. 2009 ). Bromocriptine, which suppresses PRL, improves glucose tolerance and decreases insulin levels in humans ( Landgraf et al. 1977

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Cyrus C Martin, Brian P Flemming, Yingda Wang, James K Oeser and Richard M O'Brien

Introduction The glucose-6-phosphatase catalytic subunit (G6Pase) is predominantly expressed in liver and kidney and plays a major role in glucose homeostasis by catalyzing the final step in the glycogenolytic and gluconeogenic pathways, namely the

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Verónica Sancho, María V Trigo, Nieves González, Isabel Valverde, Willy J Malaisse and María L Villanueva-Peñacarrillo

–7 weeks, those animals showing a glucose disappearance constant (K) below 2.5 × 10 −2 min −1 during an i.v. glucose tolerance test (0.5 mg glucose/g bw, in 30 s) were selected ( Vicent et al. 1994 ). A total of 38 STZ-induced type-2 diabetic rats (STZ

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Huixia Li, Zhuanmin Zhang, Dongxu Feng, Lin Xu, Fang Li, Jiali Liu, Xinxin Jin, Zhuang Qian, Xiaomin Kang and Hongzhi Sun

. Metabolic tests Glucose tolerance testing (GTT) was performed after the mice were fasted overnight. A total of 2 g/kg glucose was administrated through an ip injection, and blood glucose was measured at the indicated time points. Insulin tolerance testing