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P Hanifi-Moghaddam, B Sijmons, M C Ott, W F J van IJcken, D Nowzari, E C M Kuhne, P van der Spek, H J Kloosterboer, C W Burger and L J Blok

of expression differed from the controls (reflecting up- or down regulation) in at least one sample were selected for further analysis. In total, 3067 out of 54 614 probe sets corresponding to 2063 known and 281 unknown genes were selected for further

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Christian Adams, Alexander Henke and Jörg Gromoll

noteworthy that equine species also possess a gonadotropin with CG-like properties that has evolved differently from primate CG via convergent evolution ( Sherman et al . 1992 , Chopineau et al . 1999 ). Understanding the mechanism of CGB gene regulation

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Jaya Nautiyal

’Malley 2010 , Nautiyal et al . 2013 a , Dasgupta et al . 2014 , Stashi et al . 2014 ). These proteins are essential for gene regulation, by regulating functions of transcription factors including all members of the nuclear receptor superfamily in the

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Amadeo Muñoz Garcia, Martina Kutmon, Lars Eijssen, Martin Hewison, Chris T Evelo and Susan L Coort

DC AE >3.86 and monocytes AE >9.5 ( Table 1 ). Table 1 Regulation of gene expression by 1,25(OH) 2 D in THP-1, dendritic cells and monocyte models. Dataset Type of cell Genes measured Genes significantly altered Genes upregulated

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Salman Azhar, Dachuan Dong, Wen-Jun Shen, Zhigang Hu and Fredric B Kraemer

. 2018 ) and (b) at the level of gene transcription occurring between hours and days, reflecting chronic regulation of steroid hormone biosynthesis ( Simpson & Waterman 1988 , Simpson et al . 1992 , Payne & Youngblood 1995 , Romero et al . 2010

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Jarrod Bailey and G Nicholas Europe-Finner

tissue. Real-time RT-PCR analysis of two of these genes, GNA15 and HSP70B′, also indicated significant up-regulation of their expression in stable cell-lines in concordance with the microarray data, and also increased expression in NP tissue compared with

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Silvia Ottaviani, Greg N Brooke, Ciara O'Hanlon-Brown, Jonathan Waxman, Simak Ali and Laki Buluwela

-known androgen-regulated genes PSA , NDRG1 and TMPRSS2 was evaluated and up-regulation of their transcripts following androgen treatment was confirmed ( Fig. 1B, C , and D). In addition, androgen-dependent up-regulation of GNMT in LNCaP cells was also shown

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Stacey N Walters, Jude Luzuriaga, Jeng Yie Chan, Shane T Grey and D Ross Laybutt

enzymes ( Eizirik et al . 2008 , Scheuner & Kaufman 2008 , Back & Kaufman 2012 ). Recent studies suggest that the regulation of adaptive UPR gene expression may play an important role in the β-cell response to environmental challenge induced by obesity

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Ayse Elif Erson-Bensan

-binding site, polyadenylation is not activated ( Masuda et al . 2015 ). Adding further complexity into regulation mediated by RBP- and APA-based gene expression, multiple RBPs can bind the same mRNA as was exemplified by the PTGS2 (prostaglandin

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Thomas Ohnesorg, Brigitte Keller, Martin Hrabé de Angelis and Jerzy Adamski

roles in the regulation of steroidogenic genes ( Omura & Morohashi 1995 , Piao et al. 1997 , Guo et al. 2003 ). Genes of cholesterol biosynthesis and homoeostasis are mostly regulated by sterol regulatory element-binding protein 2 (SREBP-2