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Salman Azhar, Dachuan Dong, Wen-Jun Shen, Zhigang Hu and Fredric B Kraemer

led to clear understanding that miRNAs contribute to the regulation of a variety of physiologic processes including embryonic development, differentiation and proliferation, apoptosis, metabolism, hemostasis and inflammation ( Bushati & Cohen 2007 , O

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Z López-Ibarra, J Modrego, M Valero-Muñoz, P Rodríguez-Sierra, J J Zamorano-León, A González-Cantalapiedra, N de las Heras, S Ballesteros, V Lahera and A J López-Farré

inflammation and various endocrine functions ( Trayhurn & Beattie 2001 ). Glucose is an essential component for adipose tissue metabolism, primarily to provide glycerol-3-phosphate to form the backbone of triacylglycerol ( Athenstaedt & Daum 2006 ). In this

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Loes P M Duivenvoorde, Evert M van Schothorst, Annelies Bunschoten and Jaap Keijer

serum cholesterol, leptin, and adiponectin levels. Whole genome gene expression analysis of WAT revealed a strong upregulation of genes involved in mitochondrial function and lipid metabolism by HF-DR. Relative to results obtained with standard diets, in

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Patricia K Russell, Michele V Clarke, Jarrod P Skinner, Tammy P S Pang, Jeffrey D Zajac and Rachel A Davey

growth and proliferation, cellular development, skeletal and muscular system development and function, and carbohydrate metabolism ( Tables 1 and 2 ). Candidate genes representative of these biological processes were chosen for further investigation

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Sufang Chen, Wei Wei, Minjie Chen, Xiaobo Qin, Lianglin Qiu, Li Zhang, Yuhao Zhang, Qi Cao and Zhekang Ying

has been shown to coincide with decrease in body weight and adiposity ( Ventre et al . 1997 ). As obesity may cause various abnormalities in homeostatic regulation of glucose metabolism, TNFα is believed to influence glucose homeostasis through an

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Jin-Seung Choung, Young-Sun Lee and Hee-Sook Jun

neuroprotective effects ( Liu et al . 2010 , Briyal et al . 2014 ). As well, GLP1 has been shown to affect energy metabolism. During hyperglycaemic clamping, GLP1 administration increased energy expenditure in humans ( Shalev et al . 1997 ). In addition

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Laura Marroquí, Alejandro Gonzalez, Patricia Ñeco, Ernesto Caballero-Garrido, Elaine Vieira, Cristina Ripoll, Angel Nadal and Ivan Quesada

Introduction A fine regulation of pancreatic β-cell function is essential for the control of plasma glucose homeostasis and nutrient metabolism. β-cell secretion and mass are dynamic features that adapt in the short and/or long term to the insulin

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See-Tong Pang, Wen-Chi Hsieh, Cheng-Keng Chuang, Chun-Hsiang Chao, Wen-Hui Weng and Horng-Heng Juang

fibroblasts ( Hirota et al . 2002 , Shalev et al . 2002 ). Analyses of HcB-19 mice or TXNIP knockout mice have also revealed the critical role of TXNIP in the integrated regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism during fasting ( Hui et al . 2004 , Sheth

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Knut R Steffensen, Soek Ying Neo, Thomas M Stulnig, Vinsensius B Vega, Safia S Rahman, Gertrud U Schuster, Jan-Åke Gustafsson and Edison T Liu

. 1997 ). The LXRs have recently gained much attention for their role in cholesterol, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism (reviewed in Steffensen and Gustafsson 2004 ). The LXRs play a pivotal role in cholesterol and lipid metabolism by various

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Gilberto Paz-Filho, Claudio Alberto Mastronardi, Brian J Parker, Ainy Khan, Antonio Inserra, Klaus I Matthaei, Monika Ehrhart-Bornstein, Stefan Bornstein, Ma-Li Wong and Julio Licinio

.99 2.1×10 −3 0.0891 Glutathione metabolism −2.78 3.4×10 −3 0.0928 Regulation of actin cytoskeleton −2.67 4.0×10 −3 0.0928 Glycerolipid metabolism −2.66 4.5×10 −3 0.0928 Toll-like receptor signaling pathway −2.62 4.7×10 −3 0.0928 Limonene and pinene