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Lena Espelage, Hadi Al-Hasani and Alexandra Chadt

-body glycemia Deficiency in only one of the two RabGAP leads to only moderate impairments in insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in rodents, indicating a possible compensatory function of the other respective isoform ( Chadt et al. 2008 , Lansey et

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Shinobu Shimizu, Tetsuya Hosooka, Tomokazu Matsuda, Shun-ichiro Asahara, Maki Koyanagi-Kimura, Ayumi Kanno, Alberto Bartolome, Hiroaki Etoh, Megumi Fuchita, Kyoko Teruyama, Hiroaki Takahashi, Hiroyuki Inoue, Yusuke Mieda, Naoko Hashimoto, Susumu Seino and Yoshiaki Kido

ELISA kit (Shibayagi, Gunma, Japan). This study was performed according to the guidelines of the Animal Ethics Committee of Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine. Oral glucose tolerance tests Mice were deprived of food for 16 h before the oral

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Paola Moreno, Bernardo Nuche-Berenguer, Irene Gutiérrez-Rojas, Alicia Acitores, Verónica Sancho, Isabel Valverde, Nieves González and María L Villanueva-Peñacarrillo

.v. glucose tolerance test (0.05 mg glucose/g of body weight in 30 s) were selected. All rats belonging to the same three groups were of the same age (12–13 weeks old) by the time applying the experimental protocol of the study. Animal housing and protocols

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Yanjun Liu, Yuichi Nakagawa, Ying Wang, Limei Liu, Hongwei Du, Wei Wang, Xiuhai Ren, Kabirullah Lutfy and Theodore C Friedman

availability to mouse hepatic GR and the subsequent effects on glucose homeostasis and insulin tolerance in these mice. Finally, we explored the influence of CBX on 11β-HSD1, GR and H6PDH expression, and activity in primary cultures of hepatocytes. Materials

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Sachie Nakamichi, Yoko Senga, Hiroshi Inoue, Aki Emi, Yasushi Matsuki, Eijiro Watanabe, Ryuji Hiramatsu, Wataru Ogawa and Masato Kasuga

injection unless indicated otherwise. For a glucose tolerance test (GTT), mice deprived of food for 16 h were loaded intraperitoneally with glucose (2 g/kg). Blood glucose and plasma insulin concentrations were measured as described ( Miyake et al . 2002

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Leping Zhao, Yong Pan, Kesong Peng, Zhe Wang, Jieli Li, Dan Li, Chao Tong, Yi Wang and Guang Liang

drops obtained by clipping the tail of the mice using a ONE TOUCH BASIC plus Glucose Monitor (Lifescan, Milpitas, CA, USA). The blood glucose levels of these animals were recorded every week. An oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) was carried out in mice

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J Bian, X M Bai, Y L Zhao, L Zhang and Z J Liu

food intake was measured daily. The BW was recorded daily for 4 weeks, after which it was measured weekly. After 8 weeks of the diet, glucose tolerance tests were performed. The animals were fasted overnight and glucose was administered

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Neil W Salter, Sudharsana R Ande, Hoa K Nguyen, B L Grégoire Nyomba and Suresh Mishra

for multiple comparisons. P values <0.05 were considered significantly different. Results Reduced insulin secretion from pancreatic islets isolated from TG2-null ( TG2 −/− ) mice TG2 −/− mice have impaired glucose tolerance as a result of reduced

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Seisuke Sato, Hitomi Imachi, Jingya Lyu, Yumi Miyai, Kensaku Fukunaga, Tao Dong, Tomohiro Ibata, Toshihiro Kobayashi, Takuo Yoshimoto, Fumi Kikuchi, Kazuko Yonezaki, Nao Yamaji, Hisakazu Iwama and Koji Murao

inactivation of the ABCA1 gene in β-cells induced impaired glucose tolerance and defective insulin secretion in mice, but normal insulin sensitivity was retained ( Brunham et al. 2007 ). The absence of ABCA1 in pancreatic islets altered cholesterol

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Juliane Dinter, Jessica Mühlhaus, Simon Friedrich Jacobi, Carolin Leonie Wienchol, Maxi Cöster, Jaroslawna Meister, Carolin Stephanie Hoefig, Anne Müller, Josef Köhrle, Annette Grüters, Heiko Krude, Jens Mittag, Torsten Schöneberg, Gunnar Kleinau and Heike Biebermann

:2500). Color reaction was performed as described previously ( Schoneberg et al . 1996 ), and absorption was measured at 492/620 nm using an Anthos Reader 2001. i.p. glucose tolerance test and liver glycogen determination C57BL/6J male mice that were 3–4 months