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Beatriz Gámez, Edgardo Rodriguez-Carballo and Francesc Ventura

activation of adipogenic markers such as peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ ( PPARγ ( PPARG )) and CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein α ( c/EBPα ( CEBPA )) ( Zhang et al . 2011 c ). Other miRNAs have also been shown to determine osteoblast

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Iñigo Landa and Mercedes Robledo

( Greco et al . 1992 , Santoro et al . 1992 , Nikiforov 2002 ) and point mutations in BRAF ( Davies et al . 2002 ) in PTC, and PPARG rearrangements ( Kroll et al . 2000 ), and mutations in RAS ( Manenti et al . 1994 , Nikiforova et al . 2003

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Carla Caruso, Lila Carniglia, Daniela Durand, Teresa N Scimonelli and Mercedes Lasaga

in glial cells. NDP-MSH increases PPARγ (PPARG) protein levels whereas it decreases PPARβ (PPARD) protein levels in astrocytes ( Carniglia et al . 2013 ), an effect that has also been described for LPS ( Jana & Pahan 2012 ). In addition, anti

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Andreas Hoeflich and Maximilian Bielohuby

-activated receptor gamma (PPARG) ligand (rosiglitazone) in adrenocortical tumor cells resulted in decreased levels of IGF1 dependent ERK1/2 and Akt phosphorylation, suggesting an involvement of both MAPK and PI3K pathways in the mitogenic effects of IGF1. In addition

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Dagmara Rusinek, Sylwia Szpak-Ulczok and Barbara Jarzab

expression in thyroid follicular carcinomas with the PAX8–PPARG translocation . Clinical Cancer Research 12 1983 – 1993 . doi:10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-05-2039 . Gosens MJ van Kempen LC van de Velde CJ van Krieken JH Nagtegaal ID 2007 Loss of