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M-B Debril, L Dubuquoy, J-N Feige, W Wahli, B Desvergne, J Auwerx and L Gelman

. Fajas L , Egler V, Reiter R, Hansen J, Kristiansen K, Debril MB, Miard S & Auwerx J 2002 The retinoblastoma-histone deacetylase 3 complex inhibits PPARγ and adipocyte differentiation. Developmental Cell 3 903 –910

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Klaus W Frommer, Katharina Reichenmiller, Burkhardt S Schutt, Andreas Hoeflich, Michael B Ranke, Gabriele Dodt and Martin W Elmlinger

DDIT3 NM_004083.3 2.49     Polo-like kinase 2 (Drosophila) PLK2 NM_006622.1 2.32     Retinoblastoma 1 (including osteosarcoma) RB NM_000321.1 2.06     Tumor susceptibility gene 101 TSG101 NM_006292.2 1.72     Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 3

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Aristides Lytras, Karen Detillieux and Peter A Cattini

-FGF receptor monoclonal antibodies (anti-FGFR) from QED Bioscience, Inc. (San Diego, CA, USA) and anti-human retinoblastoma monoclonal antibodies (anti-Rb) from Pharmingen (San Diego, CA, USA). Plasmid construction A 1022 bp fragment of the CS-B gene

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Joan S Lewis, T J Thomas, Richard G Pestell, Chris Albanese, Michael A Gallo and Thresia Thomas

. Foster JS & Wimalasena J 1996 Estrogen regulates activity of cyclin-dependent kinases and retinoblastoma protein phosphorylation in breast cancer cells. Molecular Endocrinology 10 488 –498. Foster JS , Henley DC

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Nobuko Kimura, Nobuko Takamatsu, Yoshio Yaoita, R Yoshiyuki Osamura and Narimichi Kimura

defined. The exon 1 was identified in the tissues such as brain and pancreas and cell lines of human origin tested. The size of exon 1 was determined to consist of 257 bp in the present study compared with 268 bp in the human retinoblastoma ( Strausberg

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Hamedeh Ghanaat-Pour, Zhen Huang, Mikael Lehtihet and Åke Sjöholm

AF 2004 Induction of β-cell proliferation and retinoblastoma protein phosphorylation in rat and human islets using adenovirus-mediated transfer of cyclin-dependent kinase-4 and cyclin D1. Diabetes 53 149 –159. Davani

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Jacques Drouin

Retinoblastoma and the related pocket protein p107 act as coactivators of NeuroD1 to enhance gene transcription . Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 16088 – 16095. ( doi:10.1074/jbc.M413427200 ) Bilodeau S Vallette-Kasic S Gauthier Y

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Arnaud Droit, Guy G Poirier and Joanna M Hunter

specifically with the T/E1A-binding region of the retinoblastoma gene product. Cell 64 521 –532. Kanamori M , Suzuki H, Saito R, Muramatsu M & Hayashizaki Y 2002 T2 BP, a novel TRAF2 binding protein, can activate NF-kappaB and

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Zhor Bouizar, Bruno Ragazzon, Lucie Viou, Mariuccia Hortane, Jerôme Bertherat and Marthe Rizk-Rabin

types of human cancer tissues and cell lines, including retinoblastoma, breast cancers, malignant osteoblasts and serous ovarian tumours ( Livesey et al . 1982 , Miller et al . 1993 , Stubbs et al . 1996 , McDaid et al . 1999 , Bossis & Stratakis

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David A Lovejoy, Belinda S W Chang, Nathan R Lovejoy and Jon del Castillo

Endocrinology 150 437 – 444 . ( doi:10.1016/j.ygcen.2006.11.002 ). Olianas MC Lampis G Onali P 1995 Human Y-79 retinoblastoma cells exhibit specific corticotropin-releasing hormone binding sites . Journal of Neurochemistry 64 394 – 401 . ( doi