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Kyounghyun Kim, Robert Burghardt, Rola Barhoumi, Syng-ook Lee, Xinyi Liu and Stephen Safe

number of p53-independent functions of MDM2 have been identified and show that this protein can modify different signaling pathways. MDM2 interacts with and inhibits the function of retinoblastoma (Rb) protein and other Rb family members ( Hsieh et al

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M-B Debril, L Dubuquoy, J-N Feige, W Wahli, B Desvergne, J Auwerx and L Gelman

. Fajas L , Egler V, Reiter R, Hansen J, Kristiansen K, Debril MB, Miard S & Auwerx J 2002 The retinoblastoma-histone deacetylase 3 complex inhibits PPARγ and adipocyte differentiation. Developmental Cell 3 903 –910

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Aristides Lytras, Karen Detillieux and Peter A Cattini

-FGF receptor monoclonal antibodies (anti-FGFR) from QED Bioscience, Inc. (San Diego, CA, USA) and anti-human retinoblastoma monoclonal antibodies (anti-Rb) from Pharmingen (San Diego, CA, USA). Plasmid construction A 1022 bp fragment of the CS-B gene

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Jacques Drouin

Retinoblastoma and the related pocket protein p107 act as coactivators of NeuroD1 to enhance gene transcription . Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 16088 – 16095. ( doi:10.1074/jbc.M413427200 ) Bilodeau S Vallette-Kasic S Gauthier Y

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Nobuko Kimura, Nobuko Takamatsu, Yoshio Yaoita, R Yoshiyuki Osamura and Narimichi Kimura

defined. The exon 1 was identified in the tissues such as brain and pancreas and cell lines of human origin tested. The size of exon 1 was determined to consist of 257 bp in the present study compared with 268 bp in the human retinoblastoma ( Strausberg

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Joan S Lewis, T J Thomas, Richard G Pestell, Chris Albanese, Michael A Gallo and Thresia Thomas

. Foster JS & Wimalasena J 1996 Estrogen regulates activity of cyclin-dependent kinases and retinoblastoma protein phosphorylation in breast cancer cells. Molecular Endocrinology 10 488 –498. Foster JS , Henley DC

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Zhor Bouizar, Bruno Ragazzon, Lucie Viou, Mariuccia Hortane, Jerôme Bertherat and Marthe Rizk-Rabin

types of human cancer tissues and cell lines, including retinoblastoma, breast cancers, malignant osteoblasts and serous ovarian tumours ( Livesey et al . 1982 , Miller et al . 1993 , Stubbs et al . 1996 , McDaid et al . 1999 , Bossis & Stratakis

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Hamedeh Ghanaat-Pour, Zhen Huang, Mikael Lehtihet and Åke Sjöholm

AF 2004 Induction of β-cell proliferation and retinoblastoma protein phosphorylation in rat and human islets using adenovirus-mediated transfer of cyclin-dependent kinase-4 and cyclin D1. Diabetes 53 149 –159. Davani

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Arnaud Droit, Guy G Poirier and Joanna M Hunter

specifically with the T/E1A-binding region of the retinoblastoma gene product. Cell 64 521 –532. Kanamori M , Suzuki H, Saito R, Muramatsu M & Hayashizaki Y 2002 T2 BP, a novel TRAF2 binding protein, can activate NF-kappaB and

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David A Lovejoy, Belinda S W Chang, Nathan R Lovejoy and Jon del Castillo

Endocrinology 150 437 – 444 . ( doi:10.1016/j.ygcen.2006.11.002 ). Olianas MC Lampis G Onali P 1995 Human Y-79 retinoblastoma cells exhibit specific corticotropin-releasing hormone binding sites . Journal of Neurochemistry 64 394 – 401 . ( doi