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Yukinori Kazeto, Rie Goto-Kazeto, Peter Thomas and John M Trant

paucity of information that is currently available concerning the gene regulation of mPRs and it provides valuable insights into the potential mechanisms of mPR gene regulation. The different tissue distributions of the three IpmPR genes was

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Jacqueline Brodie and Iain J McEwan

specificity for AR-dependent gene regulation. In the present study, we have investigated the effects of DNA binding to selective and non-selective response elements on AR-NTD conformation, as well as the possible role of the latter in DNA site recognition and

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Khairul I Ansari, Imran Hussain, Sahba Kasiri and Subhrangsu S Mandal

. 2006 , 2009 ). Herein, in an effort to understand the mechanism of HOX gene regulation by MLLs, we found that HOXC10 is overexpressed in breast cancer and is transcriptionally regulated by estrogen. Mechanistic studies demonstrated that histone

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Yanjun Cui and Xianhong Gu

apoptosis (11.32%) vi) nutrient absorption and transport (5.66%), and vii) gene regulation (5.66%) ( Fig. 3 ). Those related to cell structure and motility, glucose and energy metabolism, stress response and defense were predominant and accounted for

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Anne-Marie O’Carroll, Stephen J Lolait and Gillian M Howell

gene regulation ( Ahlgren et al. 1999 ). Further analyses are ongoing to elucidate the molecular basis of the regulation of the APJR promoter by forskolin. There are a number of repressors that may bind to the putative repressor region bp

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I Robertshaw, F Bian and S K Das

a nonclassical induction mechanism of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway that is necessary in the estrogen-dependent gene regulation. GPR30 signaling GPR30 (also known as GPER1), a G-protein-coupled receptor, has been implicated in early nongenomic

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Lekha Jain, Tayaza Fadason, William Schierding, Mark H Vickers, Justin M O’Sullivan and Jo K Perry

genes from another ( KRTAP5-AS and PSMC5 ) ( Kikuchi et al. 2019 ) which were shared with the identified eGene set. This could possibly indicate a link between GH gene locus mediated/coordinated gene regulation and Alzheimer’s disease. However

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Bassam El-Asmar, Xavier C Giner and Jacques J Tremblay

-kappaB and C/EBP transcription factors . Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 8506 – 8515 . Nalbant D Williams SC Stocco DM Khan SA 1998 Luteinizing hormone-dependent gene regulation in Leydig cells may be mediated by CCAAT

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L Y Ching, Bonnie H Y Yeung and Chris K C Wong

cytometric analysis ( P <0.05). Bars with the same letter are not significantly different according to the results of one-way ANOVA followed by Duncan's multiple range tests. Figure 2 Effects of TSA and/or Dox treatment on p53 gene regulation. CNE2 cells

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See-Tong Pang, Wen-Chi Hsieh, Cheng-Keng Chuang, Chun-Hsiang Chao, Wen-Hui Weng and Horng-Heng Juang

proliferation ( Song et al . 2003 ). TXNIP function and gene regulation in human prostate cells require further clarification. Early studies have indicated that TXNIP expression is negatively regulated by androgens in murine prostate cells ( Pang et al . 2002