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Bettina Sederquist, Paola Fernandez-Vojvodich, Farasat Zaman and Lars Sävendahl

the normal regulation of longitudinal bone growth ( Govoni et al . 2007 ). Impact of inflammation on bone growth Growth is often impaired in children with chronic inflammatory diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn's disease (CD

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Carla Caruso, Lila Carniglia, Daniela Durand, Teresa N Scimonelli and Mercedes Lasaga

response Inflammation is a physiological response to pathogens, injury, or damage, but when it is exacerbated or becomes chronic, it can contribute to the onset of neurodegenerative disorders. There are several mediators of this response such as cytokines

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Jiung-Pang Huang, Sheng-Chieh Hsu, Yaa-Jyuhn James Meir, Po-Shiuan Hsieh, Chih-Chun Chang, Kuan-Hsing Chen, Jan-Kan Chen and Li-Man Hung

Introduction Obesity is associated with several complications, including diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease (CVD) ( Malnick & Knobler 2006 , Poirier et al . 2006 , Nguyen & El-Serag 2010 ). Chronic low-grade inflammation and

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Heather C Denroche and C Bruce Verchere

in islet graft inflammation and dysfunction ( Andersson et al . 2008 , Udayasankar et al . 2009 , Potter et al . 2010 , 2015 , Westwell-Roper et al . 2011 , Westermark et al . 2012 ). In this review, we examine the underexplored yet

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Qinyun Ma, Jianxia Fan, Jiqiu Wang, Shuai Yang, Qing Cong, Rui Wang, Qianqian Lv, Ruixin Liu and Guang Ning

Introduction Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) affects 2–5% of pregnant women ( Gilmartin et al . 2008 ), which is characterised by maternal peripheral insulin resistance (IR) and increased inflammation. Increased amounts of placental hormones

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Ji Chen, Chao Li, Wenjie Liu, Bin Yan, Xiaoling Hu and Fengrui Yang

inflammation triggered by miR-155 antagomir was identified during the current study, which was evidenced by a reduction in the levels of inflammatory factors. This result was in line other previous studies. For example, miR-155 antagomir has also been reported

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Yi Lu, Wang-sheng Wang, Yi-kai Lin, Jiang-wen Lu, Wen-jiao Li, Chu-yue Zhang and Kang Sun

cortisol regeneration in the fetal membranes is believed to be responsible for the accumulation of cortisol in the fetal membranes with the advance of gestational age ( Wang et al. 2018 ). Gestational tissue inflammation with consequently increased

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Shadab Abadpour, Bente Halvorsen, Afaf Sahraoui, Olle Korsgren, Pål Aukrust and Hanne Scholz

islets against inflammation- and glucose-induced toxicity ( Hasnain et al . 2014 ). We have previously reported that LIGHT could impair human islet function at least partly via pro-apoptotic effects ( Halvorsen et al . 2016 ). Here, we showed that the

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Thalijn Liliana Catharina Wolters, Mihai Gheorghe Netea, Adrianus Rudolfus Marinus Maria Hermus, Johannes Willem Adriaan Smit and Romana Teodora Netea-Maier

. They are also known to have an increased risk of developing atherosclerosis and CVD ( Dekkers et al . 2008 ). In the last decades, abundant evidence has become available on the crucial role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis

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Yeon Jean Cho, Seung Hyun Lee, Jung Woo Park, Myoungseok Han, Mi Jin Park and Sang Jun Han

initiation and progression of endometriosis, the precise pathogenesis of endometriosis remains unknown. To help address this crucial question, we have summarized how the dysregulation of inflammation, apoptosis and oxidative stress signaling in immune cells