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Yingkai Sun, Rui Wang, Shaoqian Zhao, Wen Li, Wen Liu, Lingyun Tang, Zhugang Wang, Weiqing Wang, Ruixin Liu, Guang Ning, Jiqiu Wang and Jie Hong

), brown adipose tissues (BAT) and interspersed brown-like adipocytes (also called ‘beige’ or ‘brite’ cells) within WATs. Compared to classical BAT that located in interscapular region, the beige adipocytes show greater therapeutic potential for its

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Rose Kohlie, Nina Perwitz, Julia Resch, Sebastian M Schmid, Hendrik Lehnert, Johannes Klein and K Alexander Iwen

:10.1038/ijo.2010.178 ) Sidossis L Kajimura S 2015 Brown and beige fat in humans: thermogenic adipocytes that control energy and glucose homeostasis . Journal of Clinical Investigation 125 478 – 486 . ( doi:10.1172/JCI78362

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Hyon-Seung Yi, Joon Young Chang and Minho Shong

. ADM2 overexpression in adipocytes or treatment with recombinant ADM2 improves metabolic phenotypes by inducing beiging with upregulation of UCP1, as well as M2 macrophage activation in white adipose tissues in high-fat-fed mice ( Lv et al . 2016

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Li Hu, Fengli He, Meifeng Huang, Meihua Peng, Zhiguang Zhou, Feng Liu and Yan-Shan Dai

, male mice were fed either a normal diet (ND, SLA-COM) containing 4% (wt/wt) total lipids or a HFD (Research Diets) containing 60% kcal fat for different weeks. Total body fat content was measured by nuclear magnetic resonance with the Minispec Mq7

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Junye Chen, Yi Lu, Mengyuan Tian and Qiren Huang

.24.17184 ) 10.1074/jbc.274.24.17184 Harms M Seale P 2013 Brown and beige fat: development, function and therapeutic potential . Nature Medicine 19 1252 – 1263 . ( ) 10.1038/nm.3361 Hermeking H Benzinger A 2006 14

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Gill Holdsworth, Scott J Roberts and Hua Zhu Ke

differentiation of precursors into white adipocytes and negatively regulates browning of white adipocytes into beige adipocytes. The direct effects of sclerostin on brown adipocytes and bone marrow adipocytes are not currently understood. This figure was produced

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Tae Woo Jung, Hyoung-Chun Kim, Yong Kyoo Shin, Hyeyoung Min, Seong-Wan Cho, Zi Soo Kim, Su Mi Han, A M Abd El-Aty, Ahmet Hacımüftüoğlu and Ji Hoon Jeong

al. 2016 ). Recently, the aqueous extract of H. japonicus (AH) was shown to alleviate hyperlipidemia and hepatic lipid accumulation in high-fat diet (HFD)-fed mice ( Chung et al. 2018 ). However, the effects of AH on browning and oxidative stress

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Ting Xiao, Xiuci Liang, Hailan Liu, Feng Zhang, Wen Meng and Fang Hu

Introduction Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress due to high fat diet (HFD) feeding or genetic obesity is associated with hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance ( Kammoun et al . 2009 , Yoshiuchi et al . 2009 , Ye et al . 2010 , Meng et

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David R Clemmons

2013 Inducible brown adipose tissue, or beige fat, is anabolic for the skeleton . Endocrinology 154 2687 – 2701 . ( ) 10.1210/en.2012-2162 23696565 Rajkumar K Modric T Murphy LJ 1999 Impaired