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B C J Dirven, J R Homberg, T Kozicz and M J A G Henckens

) ( Tahiliani et al. 2009 ). Hydroxymethylated DNA is a potential intermediary step in the demethylation pathway. Early findings suggest opposite roles of 5-mC and 5-hmC in nucleosome stability and regulation of gene expression ( Mendonca et al. 2014

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F Gadal, A Starzec, C Bozic, C Pillot-Brochet, S Malinge, V Ozanne, J Vicenzi, L Buffat, G Perret, F Iris and M Crepin

overlap between the two data sets, the 147 genes subject to differential regulation in response to both E 2 and TAM were represented twice on the same microarray. The microarrays thus constructed, representing a total of 460 different probes, were then

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Yunguang Tong and Tamar Eigler

control, or signal transduction pathways ( Tong et al . 2007 ), indicating a role for PTTG1 in transcriptional regulation of genes involved in a variety of cellular processes. Among the PTTG1 transcriptional targets, c-Myc, FGF2, cyclin D3, p21, sodium

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Simona Mencej, Omar M E Albagha, Janez Preželj, Tomaž Kocjan and Janja Marc

process of osteoclastogenesis ( Glass et al . 2005 , Holmen et al . 2005 ). As RANKL is the final effector of the osteoclastogenesis pathway, it is definitely one of the candidate genes for the regulation of susceptibility to osteoporosis ( Ralston

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Kim Ravnskjaer, Michael Boergesen, Louise T Dalgaard and Susanne Mandrup

Role of AMP-activated protein kinase in the regulation by glucose of islet beta cell gene expression. PNAS 97 4023 –4028. Diraison F , Motakis E, Parton LE, Nason GP, Leclerc I & Rutter GA 2004 Impact of adenoviral

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L Y Ching, Bonnie H Y Yeung and Chris K C Wong

of CAG repeats in the 5′-untranslated region infers the propensity of genetic instability and transcriptional silencing of the gene ( Chang et al . 1998 , Parniewski & Staczek 2002 ). Our previous study has demonstrated the epigenetic regulation of

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Sucharitha Iyer and Sunita K Agarwal

evidence for the role of epigenetic regulation in tumor etiology is highlighted by the discovery of mutations in genes encoding factors that participate in epigenetic regulatory mechanisms in various cancers ( Koschmann et al . 2017 ). Menin, the protein

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Cissi Gardmo and Agneta Mode

factors and/or transcriptional coregulators are involved in GH-dependent sexual regulation of hepatic gene expression ( Wiwi & Waxman 2004 ), but the sex-differentiating mechanisms remain an enigma. By utilizing suppressive subtractive hybridization (SSH

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Adrian J L Clark

specificity as well as the regulation of the gene by glucocorticoids was an immediately obvious and important question following the gene cloning. Access to the putative regulatory regions lying 5′ to the gene enabled these studies to begin. Jacques Drouin

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Robin L Thomas, Natalie M Crawford, Constance M Grafer, Weiming Zheng and Lisa M Halvorson

Lhb gene expression in the LβT2 gonadotrope cell line ( Lo et al . 2011 ). For the studies reported here, we hypothesized that GATA transcription factors play a role in the regulation of Adcyap1 gene expression in pituitary gonadotropes. Our