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Fei Wu, Ivan Ivanov, Rui Xu and Stephen Safe

-mediated signal transduction  AW274516 Itpkb 3.607143 GO:0007165  BG498282 3.071429 No info about GO biol process  BU616743 2.761905 No info about GO biol process Category A (B − )  BG211832 1.842105 No info about GO biol process  BE927766 1.755556 No info about

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David Aguinaga, Mireia Casanovas, Rafael Rivas-Santisteban, Irene Reyes-Resina, Gemma Navarro and Rafael Franco

messenger as calcium ions or inositol-3-phosphate. As σ 1 R are not coupled to any known signal transduction machinery, the guide indicates that ‘there is only a modest pharmacological overlap and no structural convergence with the GPCRs’ ( http

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Flavia Giannone, Giorgio Malpeli, Veronica Lisi, Silvia Grasso, Priyanka Shukla, Dunia Ramarli, Silvia Sartoris, Vladia Monsurró, Mauro Krampera, Eliana Amato, Giuseppe Tridente, Marco Colombatti, Marco Parenti and Giulio Innamorati

et al . 2005 ). Unfortunately, thus far, no clear physiological outcome has convincingly been associated to G15 activity. Treasuring on indications provided by studies in signal transduction, future research will identify circumstances where G15

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Elizabeth M Pritchett, Susan J Lamont and Carl J Schmidt

Test, is indicated by color. Blue is not significant while yellow to maroon is P -value 0.05–0.0001, respectively. DB, developmental biology; NS, neuronal system; ST, significant pathways are signal transduction; Ttos, transmembrane transport of small

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David A Lovejoy, Belinda S W Chang, Nathan R Lovejoy and Jon del Castillo

, 1986 ), as well as in the corticotroph cell line AtT20 ( Rosendale et al . 1987 ). Moreover, this receptor was shown to be associated with a cAMP-dependent signal transduction system ( Labrie et al . 1982 , Aguilera et al . 1983 , Bilezikjian

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Xiaohui Wang, Yidong Li, Xiaoyan Zhu, Yan Wang, Fei Diao and Jian Lu

al . 2004 ), suggesting that SIRPA is a negative regulator of cell growth. The signal transduction pathway involving the antiproliferative effect of SIRPA is unclear. Yan et al . (2004) reported that SIRPA negatively regulated MAPK3 activation in

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S Najib and V Sánchez-Margalet

. Current Biology 8 69 –81. Avruch J 1998 Insulin signal transduction through protein kinase cascades. Molecular and Cell Biochemistry 182 31 –48. Bhalla US , Ram PT & Iyengar R 2002 MAP

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Diego Ferone, Federico Gatto, Marica Arvigo, Eugenia Resmini, Mara Boschetti, Claudia Teti, Daniela Esposito and Francesco Minuto

isoforms may be coexpressed and associated with different intracellular signalling transduction mechanisms, and may, therefore, elicit different effects after binding with DA agonists ( Missale et al . 1998 ). As for the physiological lineaments, SRIF

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Mihael Freamat and Stacia A Sower

Activation of the cAMP signal transduction pathway was estimated in COS-7 cells (ATCC, Manassas, VA, USA) transfected with lGpH-R I and lGpH-R II expression constructs upon stimulation with a tethered lamprey glycoprotein hormone β-chain (lGpHβ

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M R Silver and S A Sower

. Arora KK , Sakai A & Catt KJ 1995 Effects of second intracellular loop mutations on signal transduction and internalization of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor. Journal of Biological Chemistry 270 22820 –22826