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Joong Kwan Kim, Yongchul Lim, Jung Ok Lee, Young-Sun Lee, Nam Hee Won, Hyun Kim and Hyeon Soo Kim

indicates that PRMT4 is involved in insulin gene regulation. We did not determine which transcription factors are affected by PRMT4; therefore, we could not define the signaling pathways of the high-glucose–PRMT4–histone arginine methylation–insulin axis. In

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C E de Rijke, J J G Hillebrand, L A W Verhagen, T A P Roeling and R A H Adan

neuropeptide expression following fasting suggest that factors other than energy balance per se influence gene regulation of these neuropeptides. These discrepancies may be explained by differences in the animals like strain, sex or age, and differences in

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Naama Reizner, Sharon Maor, Rive Sarfstein, Shirley Abramovitch, Wade V Welshons, Edward M Curran, Adrian V Lee and Haim Werner

malignant breast tissue. Journal of Pathology 183 412 –417. Idelman G , Glaser T, Roberts CT Jr & Werner H 2003 WT1–p53 interactions in IGF-I receptor gene regulation. Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 3474 –3482

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L Appelbaum, D Vallone, A Anzulovich, L Ziv, M Tom, N S Foulkes and Y Gothilf

& Gothilf Y 2004 Zebrafish serotonin- N -acetyltransferase-2 gene regulation: pineal-restrictive downstream module contains a functional E-box and three photoreceptor conserved elements. Molecular Endocrinology 18 1210 –1221

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Nadia Islam, Ugwoke Sunday Paul, Rana Alhamdan, Juan Hernandez-Medrano, Bruce K Campbell, Peter Marsters and Walid E Maalouf

conserved, single-stranded, non‑coding RNA molecules, consist of 18–22 nucleotides. They are important intercellular signalling molecules, known to have major roles in post‑transcriptional gene regulation ( Weber et al. 2010 , Cortez et al. 2011 ) and

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Jonathan D Turner and Claude P Muller

multiple transcription initiation sites. Careful examination of the regions between the new exons revealed a TATA box upstream of exon 1-E, available for classical TATA-dependent gene regulation. However, all other proximal promotor regions of the novel

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I Bantounas, L A Phylactou and J B Uney

, Cavet G & Linsley PS 2003 Expression profiling reveals off-target gene regulation by RNAi. Nature Biotechnology 21 635 –637. Ketting RF , Haverkamp TH, van Luenen HG & Plasterk RH 1999 Mut-7 of C. elegans , required

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Kun Chen, Ji-Dan Zhou, Feng Zhang, Fang Zhang, Rui-Rui Zhang, Meng-Si Zhan, Xiao-Yin Tang, Bing Deng, Ming-Gang Lei and Yuan-Zhu Xiong

provided by Hubei Province Committee on Laboratory Animal Care. In silico sequence analysis Transcription factor binding sites and CpG islands in the GPR120 promoter were predicted with the TFsearch v.1.3 ( http://www.gene-regulation

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Yan-hui Bai, Yong Lv, Wei-qun Wang, Guang-li Sun and Hao-hao Zhang

: emerging players in gene regulation and disease pathogenesis . Japanese Journal of Genetics 94 771 – 784 . ( ) 10.1007/s12041-015-0561-6 Klein RH Stephens DN Ho H Chen JK Salmans ML Wang W Yu Z Andersen B

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Christian Adams, Alexander Henke and Jörg Gromoll

noteworthy that equine species also possess a gonadotropin with CG-like properties that has evolved differently from primate CG via convergent evolution ( Sherman et al . 1992 , Chopineau et al . 1999 ). Understanding the mechanism of CGB gene regulation