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Andres J Casal, Victoria J P Sinclair, Alessandro M Capponi, Jérôme Nicod, Uyen Huynh-Do and Paolo Ferrari

( Bakke & Lund 1995 ) and modulation of the activity of the murine DAX-1 and aromatase P450 promoters ( Zeitoun et al. 1999 , Cooney et al. 2001 ). Our supershift assay results, however, do not suggest an involvement of COUP-TF in the effects induced

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Nadia Islam, Ugwoke Sunday Paul, Rana Alhamdan, Juan Hernandez-Medrano, Bruce K Campbell, Peter Marsters and Walid E Maalouf

production because it is largely a result of aromatisation of androgens by the enzyme aromatase ( George & Wilson 1978 ). There were significant differences noted between miRNA expression pattern in spent culture media and follicle number for ovarian

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Michael A Gentile, Pascale V Nantermet, Robert L Vogel, Robert Phillips, Daniel Holder, Paul Hodor, Chun Cheng, Hongyue Dai, Leonard P Freedman and William J Ray

, can act directly or be converted to the more potent androgen 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by 5α-reductase, or to estrogens by aromatase ( Russell & Wilson 1994 , Simpson et al . 1994 ). Both testosterone and DHT activate the androgen receptor (AR), a

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Matias Knuuttila, Esa Hämäläinen and Matti Poutanen

ovaries and adrenals ( Labrie 1991 ). The extragonadal estradiol production is highly related to the expression of P450 aromatase (Cytochrome P450, family 19) in peripheral tissues ( Simpson 2002 ). In line with these findings, P450 aromatase inhibitors

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Yeon Jean Cho, Seung Hyun Lee, Jung Woo Park, Myoungseok Han, Mi Jin Park and Sang Jun Han

estrogen deficiency therapy using gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists ( Descamps & Lansac 1998 ), oral contraceptives, synthetic progestins and/or aromatase inhibitors prevents pregnancy ( Attar & Bulun 2006 ). To minimize these side effects, new and

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Rosalia C M Simmen and Angela S Kelley

for endometriosis-like lesion establishment in a mouse model . Endocrinology 153 3960 – 3971 . ( doi:10.1210/en.2012-1294 ) Fazleabas AT Brudney A Chai D Langoi D Bulun SE 2003 Steroid receptor and aromatase expression in

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Alina Gajewska, Andrzej P Herman, Ewa Wolińska-Witort, Kazimierz Kochman and Lech Zwierzchowski

inhibitory effect of oestradiol was observed in ovariectomised female rats exhibiting gonadotroph-derived aromatase expression ( Galmiche et al . 2006 ). A study on pituitary-specific Era -knockout mice (ERA (ESR1) flox /flox AGSU CRE ) revealed that

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Bin Chen, Yuanzhong Wang, Susan E Kane and Shiuan Chen

investigated the response of BT and BT/HerR cells to endocrine therapy. Current endocrine therapy of breast cancer includes SERMs such as tamoxifen, the pure ER antagonist ICI 182 780 (fulvestrant), and aromatase inhibitors such as letrozole. Because very low

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François Chauvigné, Cinta Zapater, Diego Crespo, Josep V Planas and Joan Cerdà

Senegalese sole structural maintenance of chromosomes protein 1b ( smc1b ), cytochrome P450 19a1 ( cyp19a1 , aromatase), nuclear androgen receptor isoform alpha ( ara ), nuclear androgen receptor isoform beta ( arb ), gonadal soma-derived factor variant

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Wendy M van der Deure, Robin P Peeters and Theo J Visser

cancer. Therefore, therapies aim at blocking their interaction with the estrogen receptor by use of an anti-estrogen, or by inhibiting the conversion of androstenedione to estrone with an aromatase inhibitor ( Cole et al . 1971 , Smith & Dowsett 2003