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Lan Xu, Wenting Wang, Xinyue Zhang, Hanni Ke, Yingying Qin, Li You, Weiping Li, Gang Lu, Wai-Yee Chan, Peter C K Leung, Shidou Zhao and Zi-Jiang Chen

GCs in obesity. The impaired glucose metabolism in GCs may reduce the supply of energy substrates for the oocyte and then affect oocyte development and maturation ( Sugiura et al. 2005 ). Saturated FFAs are elevated in plasma of obese individuals

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Denis Delić, Nicole Gailus, Hans-Werner Vohr, Mohamed Dkhil, Saleh Al-Quraishy and Frank Wunderlich

erythrocytes ( Aikawa et al . 1980 ). Moreover, the liver is known for its sexual dimorphism, in particular for its sex- and testosterone-dependent pattern of phase I and phase II metabolism ( Waxman & Holloway 2009 ). All this information led us to suppose

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Mayumi Yoshioka, André Boivin, Carl Bolduc and Jonny St-Amand

. 1994 , Rincon et al. 1996 ). One of the reasons for this discrepancy might be explained by the gender difference in the energy metabolism of skeletal muscle. However, the characterization of female skeletal muscle is less often studied than male. In

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Siyi Zhu, Hongchen He, Chengfei Gao, Guojing Luo, Ying Xie, Haiming Wang, Li Tian, Xiang Chen, Xijie Yu and Chengqi He

Introduction Sex steroids play a regulatory role in bone metabolism. After menopause, declining estrogen levels combined with a parallel increase in follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels disrupt the orchestrated balance between bone

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Yang Mi, Na Guo, Tongqiang He, Jing Ji, Zhibin Li and Pu Huang

mice. The transplant greatly improved glucose metabolism and reproductive outcome of the pregnant db/+ females. In our present study, we aimed to provide proof-of-concept and experimental methods of combining miRNA technique with stem cell therapy in

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Victor Quereda and Marcos Malumbres

and Metabolism 79 1513 – 1516 . Burgess JR Greenaway TM Shepherd JJ 1998 Expression of the MEN-1 gene in a large kindred with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 . Journal of Internal Medicine 243 465 – 470 . Cai WY Alexander JM

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Andrew Whittle

in rodents. However, the adrenergic and thyroid axes regulate swathes of global physiology, controlling not just metabolism but numerous organs and cellular processes. Their validity as pharmacological targets to increase thermogenesis are supported

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N Hoggard, D V Rayner, S L Johnston and J R Speakman

, but the initial rate of weight loss is seldom maintained ( Gibbs et al. 2004 ). A primary reason for this reduced rate of response is because the body generates compensatory changes in levels of expenditure, including activity and resting metabolism

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Jonathan Pham, Kanaga Arul Nambi Rajan, Ping Li and Mana M Parast

metabolism and adipocyte differentiation. Following dimerization with retinoid-X receptors (RXRs), PPARγ binds to specific DNA sequences termed PPARγ-responsive elements (PPREs) and induces genes involved in fatty acid uptake and storage, leading to lipid

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Karen Jesus Oliveira, Maria Isabel Chiamolera, Gisele Giannocco, Carmen Cabanelas Pazos-Moura and Tania Maria Ortiga-Carvalho

inhibits the peripheral metabolism of THs mediated by the D1 in the liver. Coffee and caffeine Coffee contains over a thousand components, including many with biological activity, such as caffeine, diterpene alcohols and chlorogenic acid, which are