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I Hendrix, P H Anderson, J L Omdahl, B K May and H A Morris

transcriptional regulation of the gene in vivo . Additionally, we provide evidence that during vitamin D deficiency there is also a post-transcriptional mechanism that increases the amount of CYP27B1 mRNA, possibly through PTH action. In the future, it will be

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Belen Brie, Ana Ornstein, Maria Cecilia Ramirez, Isabel Lacau-Mengido and Damasia Becu-Villalobos

levels ( Ramirez et al . 2015 ). We now explore a possible relationship between the alterations in liver gene dimorphic expression in these models and epigenetic regulation, such as the methylation status of gene promoter regions, or abundance of

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Denise Vizziano-Cantonnet, Daniel Baron, Sophie Mahè, Chantal Cauty, Alexis Fostier and Yann Guiguen

estrogens act within a short positive feedback loop ( Hudson et al . 2005 , Vizziano et al . 2008 ). Apart from the early down-regulation of female genes, the masculinization process also involved some up-regulations of Sertoli cells (i.e. amh , sox9a2

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Diego Russo, Giuseppe Damante, Efisio Puxeddu, Cosimo Durante and Sebastiano Filetti

points of this review, however, are the roles played by epigenetic changes in controlling the differentiation and proliferation of transformed thyrocytes and the anticancer treatment strategies that target these changes. Epigenetic gene regulation Gene

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Elisabeth Sambroni, Antoine D Rolland, Jean-Jacques Lareyre and Florence Le Gac

of these two clusters, we noticed a small subgroup of genes whose regulation by Fsh tended to be the opposite to that by Lh (clusters 3′ and 4′ in Fig. 3 and labeled ‘Up Lh, Down Fsh’ or ‘Down Lh, Up Fsh’ in Supplementary information file 1 ). The

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Ying Chen, Hua Ni, Xing-Hong Ma, Shi-Jun Hu, Li-Ming Luan, Gang Ren, Yue-Chao Zhao, Shi-Jie Li, Hong-Lu Diao, Xiu Xu, Zhen-Ao Zhao and Zeng-Ming Yang

expression, regulation, and function of this gene in early pregnancy still remain unknown. Edn1 and Ywhag were strongly expressed in the luminal epithelium surrounding the implanting blastocyst, suggesting a role during embryo apposition and

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J Liu, X-D Li, A Vaheri and R Voutilainen

differentiation state ( Zingg & Jones 1997 , Jaenisch & Bird 2003 ). In adrenocortical cells, steroid hormone production is controlled at two levels, i.e. substrate mobilization for acute control and gene transcription for long-term regulation of

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Ann Lo, Weiming Zheng, Yimei Gong, John R Crochet and Lisa M Halvorson

-specific, and hormonally mediated expression of the LHβ gene. A number of studies have suggested a role for the GATA family of transcription factors in the regulation of reproductive function ( LaVoie 2003 , Viger et al . 2008 ). There are six identified

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I J Bujalska, M Quinkler, J W Tomlinson, C T Montague, D M Smith and P M Stewart

with negative regulation of cell growth ( BTG1 , PMP22 , CD9 , RAI2 and CUGBO2 ) and apoptosis-related proteins (e.g. CDO1 , AMIGO2 , CFLAR and CUGBP2 ) as well as genes involved in cell matrix rearrangements (e.g. CHL1 , DPT , ABMLIM

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Tomoko Kakizawa, Shin-ichi Nishio, Gerard Triqueneaux, Stephanie Bertrand, Juliette Rambaud and Vincent Laudet

controlled by ROR genes. To assess if this regulation occurs in an in vivo context, we cloned the ZfP1and ZfP2 promoters upstream of a GFP reporter gene and injected them into early embryos in the presence or absence of a rat RORβ expression