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Guillaume Pidoux and Kjetil Taskén

localization, and/or association with other proteins. Kinases and phosphatases have a central role in signal transduction pathways and differ in substrate specificity, acting on serine, threonine, or tyrosine residues. Since protein phosphorylation affects many

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L L Burger, D J Haisenleder, A C Dalkin and J C Marshall

transmitting frequency-dependent signals from the plasma membrane to the nucleus within the gonadotrope have yet to be fully characterized, recent findings have provided insights into critical sites in the signal transduction pathways involved

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Carrie S Shemanko

( Fig. 2 ), one of which overlaps with the Box-1 domain, although the interactions are not necessarily mutually exclusive ( Haxholm et al . 2015 ). These lipid-interacting domains (LIDs) may function to focus on signal transduction or have another role

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J M Young and A S McNeilly

signal transduction of BMP (Smad1/5/8), or BMP and activin (Smad2/3) signaling respectively. These inhibitory factors were transfected into theca cultures using adenoviruses to manipulate Smad signal transduction specifically. To establish the rate of

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K Lindberg, S G Rønn, D Tornehave, H Richter, J A Hansen, J Rømer, M Jackerott and N Billestrup

diabetes or even prevention of this disease. Thus it will be interesting in the future to try to dissect the effects of SOCS-3 on the different signal transduction pathways of the β-cell. Figure 1 In situ

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Pitchai Balakumar and Gowraganahalli Jagadeesh

interactions with the receptor determinants for ligand-binding facilitating the conformational rearrangements leading to activation and signal transduction. The agonist receptor interactions play a crucial role both in determination of the functional

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Olivier Sandra, Isabelle Bataillon, Pascale Roux, Jacques Martal, Gilles Charpigny, Pierrette Reinaud, Philippe Bolifraud, Guy Germain and Kaïs H Al-Gubory

IFN receptors (IFNARs), signals through the Janus kinase/ signal transduction and activators of transcription (JAK/ STAT) pathway and regulates a set of IFN-responsive genes including STATs 1 and 2, β2-macroglobulin, IFN regulatory factors (IRFs) 1 and

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Hamedeh Ghanaat-Pour, Zhen Huang, Mikael Lehtihet and Åke Sjöholm

Guanine nucleotide binding protein, alpha q polypeptide (Gnaq) 1.4 AW533214 Rabaptin 5 (Rabep1) 1.3 Signal transduction NM_012714 Gastric inhibitory polypeptide receptor (Gipr) 2.3 NM_053777 Mitogen activated protein kinase 8 interacting protein (Mapk8ip

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Simona Volpi, Ying Liu and Greti Aguilera

activates GAGA binding through transactivation of the EGFR To identify the signaling pathways involved in the activation of GAGA binding by VP, cells were incubated with VP in the presence of several signal transduction inhibitors before testing

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Céline Callewaere, Ghazal Banisadr, William Rostène and Stéphane Mélik Parsadaniantz

chemokine receptor are responsible for the initial binding event. This interaction induces a conformational change allowing the N-terminal region of the ligand to interact with the helices of the receptor triggering signal transduction. However, as for many