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Stefania Carobbio, Barry Rosen, and Antonio Vidal-Puig

profile and mature brown adipocytes displayed functional properties such as increased lipolysis in response to β-adrenergic stimulation and oxygen consumption levels. Stable, faithful maintenance of both the brown and white adipocyte phenotypes could be

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Pamela Petrocchi-Passeri, Cheryl Cero, Alessandro Cutarelli, Claudio Frank, Cinzia Severini, Alessandro Bartolomucci, and Roberta Possenti

). The C-terminal internal fragment TLQP-21 – which was originally investigated for its role in energy balance and lipolysis ( Bartolomucci et al . 2006 , 2009 , Fargali et al . 2012 , Possenti et al . 2012 ) – has recently been implicated in

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Li Hu, Fengli He, Meifeng Huang, Meihua Peng, Zhiguang Zhou, Feng Liu, and Yan-Shan Dai

inflammation causes inflammation and insulin resistance in other insulin-sensitive tissues ( Rosen & Spiegelman 2006 , Guilherme et al . 2008 , Reilly & Saltiel 2017 ). Our results also were in line with previous studies that showed lipolysis in AT promotes

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Björn Hansson, Sebastian Wasserstrom, Björn Morén, Vipul Periwal, Petter Vikman, Samuel W Cushman, Olga Göransson, Petter Storm, and Karin G Stenkula

HA , et al . 2015 ApoA-I Milano stimulates lipolysis in adipose cells independently of cAMP/PKA activation . Journal of Lipid Research 56 2248 – 2259 . ( ) 26504176 10.1194/jlr.M054767 Liu C DeRoo EP

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Guojun Shi, Chen Sun, Weiqiong Gu, Minglan Yang, Xiaofang Zhang, Nan Zhai, Yan Lu, Zhijian Zhang, Peishun Shou, Zhiguo Zhang, and Guang Ning

and regulated gut hormones and motility ( Xiong et al . 2004 , Samuel et al . 2008 ). Then, several other groups argued that FFAR2 rather than FFAR3 inhibited lipolysis and triggered leptin secretion and adipogenesis ( Hong et al . 2005 , Ge et

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Jan Wilde, Maria Erdmann, Michael Mertens, Gabriele Eiselt, and Martin Schmidt

content in adipose tissue surrounding breast tumors ( Meng et al . 2001 ). These cytokines, e.g. TNFα, via the induction of insulin resistance, also stimulate lipolysis in adipocytes ( Uysal et al . 1997 ). As local lipolysis is the most likely source of

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Kenneth Siddle

( Manning & Cantley 2007 , Vasudevan & Garraway 2010 ). Both Akt-dependent and -independent mechanisms have been implicated in regulation of adipose tissue lipolysis by insulin ( Berggreen et al . 2009 , Choi et al . 2010 ). The precise functions of

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I J Bujalska, M Quinkler, J W Tomlinson, C T Montague, D M Smith, and P M Stewart

electrolyte homeostasis and lipolysis in human adipocytes was decreased 2.7-fold by cortisol and was below detection levels in SC cells. Common adipose-specific genes Twenty-eight genes were upregulated by cortisol in both

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S M Jeyakumar, A Vajreswari, B Sesikeran, and N V Giridharan

study of obesity. Scandinavian Journal of Laboratory Animal Sciences 23 131 –139. Gong HX , Guo XR, Fei L & Guo M, Liu QQ & Chen RH 2003 Lipolysis and apoptosis of adipocytes induced by neuropeptide Y-Y5 receptor

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Amy Warner and Jens Mittag

JJ Brent GA 2003 A thyroid hormone receptor alpha gene mutation (P398H) is associated with visceral adiposity and impaired catecholamine-stimulated lipolysis in mice . Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 38913 – 38920 . doi:10.1074/jbc