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Laura Marroquí, Alejandro Gonzalez, Patricia Ñeco, Ernesto Caballero-Garrido, Elaine Vieira, Cristina Ripoll, Angel Nadal, and Ivan Quesada

levels including insulin gene expression, insulin secretion, apoptosis, and cell growth. Thus, in addition to its central actions for the control of glucose metabolism ( Morton & Schwartz 2011 ), leptin can modulate glucose homeostasis owing to these

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Ying Zhang, Mingtong Xu, Shaoling Zhang, Li Yan, Chuan Yang, Wensheng Lu, Yan Li, and Hua Cheng

important effects on pancreatic β-cell function. Acute treatment augments glucose stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS; Zraika et al. 2002 , Haber et al. 2003 , Yane & Corkey 2003); chronically elevated FFA levels interfere with β-cell function by

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Jacques-Antoine Haefliger, Françoise Rohner-Jeanrenaud, Dorothée Caille, Anne Charollais, Paolo Meda, and Florent Allagnat

signaling in insulin secretion and β-cell survival ( Meda 2012 ), our data strongly suggest that Cx36 contributes to the deleterious sequence of events triggered by ICER-1/ICER-1γ, which presumably leads to glucose desensitization and β-cell failure in the

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Hanna K Nyblom, Ernest Sargsyan, and Peter Bergsten

Introduction Pancreatic β-cells exposed to high glucose concentrations for an extended time period show impaired glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) ( Eizirik et al . 1992 ) and increased β-cell death ( Leonardi et al . 2003 ), a

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Xinran Hu, David Friedman, Salisha Hill, Richard Caprioli, Wendell Nicholson, Alvin C Powers, Lawrence Hunter, and Lee E Limbird

, Sharp 1996 ). Similarly, although insulin secretion can be inhibited by G-protein mediated direct regulation of K + and Ca 2+ channels ( Nilsson et al. 1989 , Drews et al. 1990 , Debuyser et al. 1991 ), it is also observed that α 2 AR agonists

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Eva Tudurí, Monica Imbernon, Rene Javier Hernández-Bautista, Marta Tojo, Johan Fernø, Carlos Diéguez, and Rubén Nogueiras

unknown. Metabolic actions of GPR55 in the islets of Langerhans The presence of GPR55 in β-cells suggest a potential role of GPR55 in the regulation of insulin secretion, and consequently, in glucose homeostasis. In fact, LPI-induced insulin

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Hamedeh Ghanaat-Pour, Zhen Huang, Mikael Lehtihet, and Åke Sjöholm

Introduction In human type 2 diabetes, loss of glucose-sensitive insulin secretion is an early pathogenetic event ( Malaisse 1994 , Zimmet et al. 2001 ). The pancreatic islet β-cell serves as a unique fuel-sensing organ and is the

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Kim Ravnskjaer, Michael Boergesen, Louise T Dalgaard, and Susanne Mandrup

Introduction Tight regulation of β-cell fatty acid metabolism is important for β-cell function. Fatty acids acutely potentiate glucose stimulated insulin secretion ( Stein et al. 1996 , Itoh et al. 2003 , Roduit et al. 2004

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Riccarda Granata, Alessandra Baragli, Fabio Settanni, Francesca Scarlatti, and Ezio Ghigo

ghrelin and GOAT transcripts are expressed in the pancreas, it may be hypothesized that a fine tuning of pancreatic AG versus UAG levels may take place and affect pancreatic homeostasis, with particular regard to insulin secretion ( Gutierrez et al . 2008

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Shadab Abadpour, Bente Halvorsen, Afaf Sahraoui, Olle Korsgren, Pål Aukrust, and Hanne Scholz

) or super signal west femto (Thermo Scientific) followed by semi-quantitative measurement of band density using chemiDGC touch imaging system (BioRad). Glucose stimulation insulin secretion assay Twenty equally sized islets were hand-picked and