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Yuxiao Tang, Xingjian Cai, Hongwei Zhang, Hui Shen, Wanyin Wang, Zhilei Shen, Wei Gu, Changquan Ling, and Min Li

, that overactivity of the HPA axis is accompanied by impaired physical functions, including growth, metabolism, circulation, reproduction, inflammation and immunity ( Charmandari et al . 2005 , Chrousos & Kino 2007 , Nicolaides et al . 2015 ). The

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Christopher E Wall, Ruth T Yu, Anne R Atkins, Michael Downes, and Ronald M Evans

Introduction Lifestyle interventions such as improving diet and exercise habits can effectively combat many disease symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome, including obesity, hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, inflammation

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Cheryl A Conover and Claus Oxvig

2012 ). Inflammation is prevalent in tumor tissues ( Szebeni et al . 2017 ). Figure 2 Regulation of PAPP-A in cancer STC inhibits PAPP-A activity, Bikunin inhibits PAPP-A expression, wild-type p53 inhibits PAPP-A expression, mAb-PA inhibits PAPP

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Lijuan Yin, Fang Fang, Xinglei Song, Yan Wang, Gaoxiang Huang, Jie Su, Ning Hui, and Jian Lu

cancer therapy of solid malignant tumors because of their beneficial effectiveness in treatment-related edema, inflammation, pain, and electrolyte imbalance ( Rutz 2002 , Rutz & Herr 2004 ). GCs are also given before, during, and after chemotherapy of

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Shan Song, Duojun Qiu, Fengwei Luo, Jinying Wei, Ming Wu, Haijiang Wu, Chunyang Du, Yunxia Du, Yunzhuo Ren, Nan Chen, Huijun Duan, and Yonghong Shi

to mitigate renal inflammation and fibrosis in a model of renal tubular injury ( Iyer et al . 2009 , Zhuang et al . 2014 ). Existing research demonstrated that NLRP3 protein expression, cleavage of Caspase-1, along with the maturation of IL1B and

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Laura Marroquí, Alejandro Gonzalez, Patricia Ñeco, Ernesto Caballero-Garrido, Elaine Vieira, Cristina Ripoll, Angel Nadal, and Ivan Quesada

islets ↓ IL1 receptor antagonist expression Maedler et al . (2004) Proapoptotic RINm5F ↑ Caspase activity, ↑ expression of  inflammation-related genes Hekerman et al . (2007) Both protective and deleterious effects have been attributed to leptin

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Yuan Pan, Chong Han, Chunlin Wang, Guohan Hu, Chun Luo, Xiaoqiang Gan, Fenglin Zhang, Yicheng Lu, and Xuehua Ding

, Mochizuki & Okada 2007 , Moss et al . 2008 , Parkin & Harris 2009 ). The proteinase activity of ADAM10 contributes to Alzheimer's disease ( Lammich et al . 1999 , Allinson et al . 2003 ), inflammation, and cancer ( Crawford et al . 2009 , Pruessmeyer

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Philippe Huber, Christine Mallet, Elodie Faure, Christine Rampon, Marie-Hélène Prandini, Olivier Féraud, Stéphanie Bouillot, and Isabelle Vilgrain

inflammation, hyperplasia, and neoplasia ( Katoh 2003 ). Of interest, carcinomas and adenomas in human adrenal cortex differ in their angiogenic patterns as visualised by CD34 labelling ( Bernini et al. 2002 ). As VE-cadherin is an important

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Kelly L Short, A Daniel Bird, Bennet K L Seow, Judy Ng, Annie R A McDougall, Megan J Wallace, Stuart B Hooper, and Timothy J Cole

provide evidence for a protective effect of ADAMTS 12 against bronchial inflammation that is in line with the anti-inflammatory actions of glucocorticoid steroids ( Paulissen et al . 2012 ). Other studies have demonstrated that GCs can induce expression

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Hannah E Lapp, Andrew A Bartlett, and Richard G Hunter

exchange of information with the nucleus ( Picard et al. 2018 a ). Mitochondria are essential to physiological processes fundamental in maintaining multicellular life including apoptosis, inflammation and thermogenesis ( Picard et al. 2016