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Michael Welsh, Maria Jamalpour, Guangxiang Zang, and Björn Åkerblom

detected as selectively present in focal adhesions ( Winograd-Katz et al . 2014 ). SHB and inflammation A characteristic feature of SHB based on data obtained from the Shb knockout mouse is its involvement in inflammatory processes ( Arbiser 2015 ). An

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Tarlliza R Nardelli, Emerielle C Vanzela, Keli C Benedicto, Flora Brozzi, André Fujita, Alessandra K Cardozo, Décio L Eizirik, Antonio C Boschero, and Fernanda Ortis

beta cells in the context of inflammation. The findings obtained indicate that PRL exerts an anti-apoptotic role in rat beta cells exposed to pro-inflammatory cytokines potentially through STAT3. PRL induces AKT phosphorylation and consequentially

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Lai Jin, Chuanhua Li, Rong Li, Zongxing Sun, Xianjun Fang, and Shengnan Li

mediators including TNFα and IL1β are natural stimulators of cPLA 2 gene expression ( Dolan-O'Keefe et al . 2000 ). CRH family peptides are closely associated with inflammation ( Webster et al . 1998 ). In order to investigate whether CRH family peptides

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Gregory S Y Ong and Morag J Young

basal cardiac MR occupancy by endogenous glucocorticoid is protective against activation. However, in situations of intracellular oxidative stress, such as with inflammation or ischaemia, glucocorticoids can activate the MR ( Rossier et al . 2008

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Shannon E Mullican, Joanna R DiSpirito, and Mitchell A Lazar ) from which this information was collated Receptor Embryonic lethal Whole body mutants Tissue-specific mutants DAX1 (NR0B1) No KO: fertility (males) NR SHP (NR0B2) No KO: fertility; energy expenditure, cholesterol metabolism, hepatic inflammation (diet

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Zhipeng Li, Zhaoshui Shangguan, Yijie Liu, Jihua Wang, Xuejun Li, Shuyu Yang, and Suhuan Liu

. 2012 ), anti-inflammation ( Huang et al . 2012 , Jin et al . 2012 ), and anti-apoptosis ( Liang et al . 2012 , Zhang et al . 2012 ) properties. It has been reported that puerarin improved insulin resistance and glucose tolerance ( Prasain et al

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Dimitrios Doultsinos and Ian Mills

involved in intestinal inflammation and promotes the development of inflammatory disorders when disrupted, as it causes imbalances in the ER homeostatic microenvironment through autophagy or secretion of AGR2 itself ( Maurel et al. 2019 ). Its little

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Ye Zhou, Eric C Bolton, and Jeremy O Jones

prostate inflammation, which causes damage that requires prostate lobe regeneration (and the increased presence of stem cells), are at a greater risk for prostate cancer ( Haverkamp et al . 2008 , Klein & Silverman 2008 , Bardia et al . 2009

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Zodwa Dlamini, Fortunate Mokoena, and Rodney Hull

). Diabetes, alternate splicing and apoptosis Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, where the immune system carries out an assault on the β-cells of the pancreas, resulting in pancreatic islet inflammation (insulitis) and β-cell apoptosis ( Santin

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Evgeny Weinberg, Tal Maymon, and Miron Weinreb

. International Immunopharmacology 8 679 – 687 . ( doi:10.1016/j.intimp.2008.01.013 ). Graves DT Liu R Alikhani M Al-Mashat H Trackman PC 2006 Diabetes-enhanced inflammation and apoptosis – impact on periodontal pathology . Journal of Dental Research 85 15 – 21