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Diana Vargas, Noriaki Shimokawa, Ryosuke Kaneko, Wendy Rosales, Adriana Parra, Ángela Castellanos, Noriyuki Koibuchi and Fernando Lizcano

regulated by many factors, including the bone morphogenetic protein 7/PR domain containing protein 16/peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARg) coactivator 1 alpha (BMP7/PRDM16/PGC1α) axis ( Seale et al . 2008 , Seale 2015 ). Moreover

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Sadako Suzuki, Shigekazu Sasaki, Hiroshi Morita, Yutaka Oki, Daisuke Turiya, Takeshi Ito, Hiroko Misawa, Keiko Ishizuka and Hirotoshi Nakamura

Introduction Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ-2 (PPARG2) belongs to the nuclear hormone receptor (NHR) superfamily ( Desvergne & Wahli 1999 , Michalik et al . 2006 , Lu & Cheng 2010 ). Through different promoter usage and splicing

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Jacqueline M Wallace, John S Milne, Raymond P Aitken, Dale A Redmer, Lawrence P Reynolds, Justin S Luther, Graham W Horgan and Clare L Adam

, Kleiman et al . 2013 ) and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma ( PPARG ), a transcriptional regulator that plays a central role in adipocyte differentiation and also co-ordinates the genes involved in lipid deposition and metabolism ( Semple

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Amélie Gormand, Christine Berggreen, Lahouari Amar, Emma Henriksson, Ingrid Lund, Sebastian Albinsson and Olga Göransson

from Qiagen. Primers for Pparg (PPARγ, forward primer: 5′-CTG TTT TAT GCT GTT ATG GGT GAA A-3′ and reverse primer: 5′-GCA CCA TGC TCT GGG TCA A-3′), Cebpa (C/EBPα, forward primer: 5′-ATA GAC ATC AGC GCC TAC ATC GA-3′ and reverse primer: 5′-CTG TCG

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Chen Chen, Yongdong Peng, Yinglin Peng, Jian Peng and Siwen Jiang

-strand cDNA synthesis kit (Fermentas (Waltham, Massachusetts, USA), K1622) according to the manufacturer's protocol. In QPCR analysis, the mRNA levels of Pparg , Cebpa , Ap2 , Fas , Apc , Ccnd1 , and Cmyc were quantified using SYBR Green Supermix

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Gabriela Silva Monteiro de Paula, Marianna Wilieman, Karina Ribeiro Silva, Leandra Santos Baptista, Sihem Boudina, Luana Lopes de Souza, Thais Bento-Bernardes, Karina Dutra Asensi, Regina Coeli dos Santos Goldenberg and Carmen Cabanelas Pazos-Moura


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Jason F Ohlstein, Amy L Strong, John A McLachlan, Jeffrey M Gimble, Matthew E Burow and Bruce A Bunnell

upregulation of downstream targets, including peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma ( PPAR γ ( PPARG )) and lipoprotein lipase ( LPL ) genes, based on results from in vitro experiments on rodents ( Melzer et al . 2011 ). Results from previous

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Xinxin Xiang, Wenjiao An, Changtao Jiang, Jing Zhao, Xian Wang, Guang Sun, Yin Li and Weizhen Zhang

/enhancer-binding protein α (C/EBP-α; CEBPA)/peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ (PPAR-γ; PPARG). Materials and methods Animals and chemicals Sprague–Dawley rats (8 weeks old), 129 mice and db/db mice were housed in standard rodent cages and maintained in a

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Yan-ping Xu, Jia-jun Zhu, Fen Cheng, Ke-wen Jiang, Wei-zhong Gu, Zheng Shen, Yi-dong Wu, Li Liang and Li-zhong Du

.8 Pparg NM_001145366.1 5′-TGTCGGTTTCAGAAGTGCCTTG-3′ 64.7 122 5′-TTCAGCTGGTCGATATCACTGGAG-3′ 64.9 Wnt1 NM_001105714.1 5′-ATA GCCTCCTCCACGAACCT-3′ 61.4 175 5′-GGAATTGCCACTTGCACTCT-3′ 59.8 Actb NM_031144.2 5′-GGAGATTACTGCCCTGGCTCCTA-3′ 64.9 150 5

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Jacqueline M Wallace, John S Milne, Raymond P Aitken and Clare L Adam

. 1996 , Bianda et al . 1997 ). Growth factors, including IGF1, also induce transcription factors such as peroxisome-proliferator-activated receptor gamma ( PPARG ; Scavo et al . 2004 ), which in turn plays a central role in adipocyte differentiation