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Diana Vargas, Noriaki Shimokawa, Ryosuke Kaneko, Wendy Rosales, Adriana Parra, Ángela Castellanos, Noriyuki Koibuchi, and Fernando Lizcano

( Hansen et al . 2004 a , b , Khidr & Chen 2006 , Dali-Youcef et al . 2007 , Calo et al . 2010 , Auffret et al . 2012 ). In searching for molecules that modulate adipogenesis, we identified EP300-interacting inhibitor of differentiation (EID1

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Mohamed H Noureldein, Sara Bitar, Natalie Youssef, Sami Azar, and Assaad A Eid

organoids . mBio e01438 – e01414 . ( ) Maalouf RM Eid AA Gorin YC Block K Escobar GP Bailey S Abboud HE 2011 Nox4-derived reactive oxygen species mediate cardiomyocyte injury in early type 1

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Rachel Njeim, William S Azar, Angie H Fares, Sami T Azar, Hala Kfoury Kassouf, and Assaad A Eid

L Beaudoin L Agerberth B Barrat F Lehuen A 2013 Crosstalk between neutrophils, B-1a cells and plasmacytoid dendritic cells initiates autoimmune diabetes . Nature Medicine 19 65 – 73 . ( ) Eid

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Khampoune Sayasith, Kristy A Brown, Jacques G Lussier, Monique Doré, and Jean Sirois

). Indeed, EGR-1 expression is significantly elevated in prostate cancer tissue and its blockage inhibits prostate tumor development ( Eid et al. 1998 , Baron et al. 2003 ). In contrast, EGR-1 expression is markedly downregulated in other cancer tissues

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Junye Chen, Yi Lu, Mengyuan Tian, and Qiren Huang

adenovirus EID-1 . Stem Cells and Development 20 259 – 267 . ( ) 20486779 10.1089/scd.2010.0072 Yuan Z Becker EBE Merlo P Yamada T DiBacco S Konishi Y Schaefer EM Bonni A 2008 Activation of FOXO1 by Cdk1 in

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Krisztina Pohóczky, József Kun, Bálint Szalontai, Éva Szőke, Éva Sághy, Maja Payrits, Béla Kajtár, Krisztina Kovács, József László Környei, János Garai, András Garami, Anikó Perkecz, Levente Czeglédi, and Zsuzsanna Helyes

. Immunology Letters 51 141 – 147 . ( doi:10.1016/0165-2478(96)02543-6 ). Szallasi A Cortright DD Blum CA Eid SR 2007 The vanilloid receptor TRPV1: 10 years from channel cloning to antagonist proof-of-concept . Nature Reviews. Drug Discovery

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Andrea Weckman, Antonio Di Ieva, Fabio Rotondo, Luis V Syro, Leon D Ortiz, Kalman Kovacs, and Michael D Cusimano

chaperone-mediated autophagy ( Fig. 1 ), have different functions and proceed by means of different mechanisms, with the common end result of lysosomal degradation ( Klionsky 2005 ). There are also various specific forms of autophagy, such as crinophagy

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Yisheng Yang, Stephanie Workman, and Megan J Wilson

developmental trajectory is an essential process that determines the reproductive success of all sexually reproducing animals ( Fig. 1 ). There are a number of different mechanisms underlying sex development that can be broadly categorized as either genetically

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Colin R Jefcoate and Jinwoo Lee

and activates the key energy regulator, TORC1 ( Castellano et al . 2017 ). TORC1 also controls cholesterol homeostasis ( Eid et al . 2017 ). The dual function STARD3 forms a bridge between late endosome and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) ( Raiborg et al

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Caterina Mancarella and Katia Scotlandi

signaling axis, the most relevant and critical issues are briefly described. The IGF system is classically described as composed of three ligands (IGF1, IGF2 and insulin), their receptors (IGF1 receptor (IGF1R), mannose 6-phosphate/IGF2 receptor (M6P/IGF2R