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Silvia Ottaviani, Greg N Brooke, Ciara O'Hanlon-Brown, Jonathan Waxman, Simak Ali and Laki Buluwela

Introduction Androgens play a central role in the biology of normal prostate development and prostate cancer progression ( Shen & Abate-Shen 2010 ). These hormones mediate their effects through the action of the androgen receptor (AR), a member of

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Yihong Wan and Ronald M Evans

fractalkine (CX3CL1) and its receptor, CX3CR1, in periodontal diseased tissue . Clinical and Experimental Immunology 139 506 – 512 . Jamieson WL Shimizu S D'Ambrosio JA Meucci O Fatatis A 2008 CX3CR1 is expressed by prostate epithelial cells

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Robin Haring, Henri Wallaschofski, Alexander Teumer, Heyo Kroemer, Angela E Taylor, Cedric H L Shackleton, Matthias Nauck, Uwe Völker, Georg Homuth and Wiebke Arlt

Epidemiology 40 294 – 307 . ( doi:10.1093/ije/dyp394 ). Wilborn TW Lang NP Smith M Meleth S Falany CN 2006 Association of SULT2A1 allelic variants with plasma adrenal androgens and prostate cancer in African American men . Journal of Steroid

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Edith Bonnelye, Frédéric Saltel, Anne Chabadel, Ralph A Zirngibl, Jane E Aubin and Pierre Jurdic

00223-002-1025-6 . Cheung CP Yu S Wong KB Chan LW Lai FM Wang X Suetsugi M Chen S Chan FL 2005 Expression and functional study of estrogen receptor-related receptors in human prostatic cells and tissues . Journal of Clinical

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Oro Uchenunu, Michael Pollak, Ivan Topisirovic and Laura Hulea

transcription of metabolic genes of prostate cancer cells via its interaction with androgen receptor in the nucleus ( Audet-Walsh et al . 2017 ). Interestingly, in castration-resistant prostate cancer cells, MTOR transcriptional activity and modulation of

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Bo Li, Zhiguo Zhang, Huizhi Zhang, Kai Quan, Yan Lu, Dongsheng Cai and Guang Ning

.1002/hep.1840120505 ). Wu D Terrian DM 2002 Regulation of caveolin-1 expression and secretion by a protein kinase cε signaling pathway in human prostate cancer cells . Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 40449 – 40455 . ( doi:10.1074/jbc

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Patricia Carrasco, Iratxe Zuazo-Gaztelu and Oriol Casanovas

inhibiting tumor progression. Other studies show similar results in melanoma cells and in prostate cancer cells. In detail, it is described that the overexpression of Sema3A in these tumor types also suppresses tumor growth and tumor progression ( Herman

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Fabien Duval, Esther Dos Santos, Hadia Moindjie, Valérie Serazin, Nelly Swierkowski-Blanchard, François Vialard and Marie-Noëlle Dieudonné

stromal cells . Journal of Cellular Physiology 163 30 – 37 . ( doi:10.1002/jcp.1041630105 ) 10.1002/jcp.1041630105 7534770 Bub JD Miyazaki T Iwamoto Y 2006 Adiponectin as a growth inhibitor in prostate cancer cells . Biochemical and

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James G Yarger, Robert E Babine, Michael Bittner, Erin Shanle, Wei Xu, Pamela Hershberger and Steven H Nye

) EC 90 (μM) EC 90/50 a EC 50 (μM) EC 90 (μM) EC 90/50 a Colon HT-29 4.9 8.4 1.7 ND ND ND 65.4 102.7 1.6 18.4 27.5 1.5 76.2 133.6 1.8 Prostate PC-3 11.2 31 2.8 ND ND ND 59.7 145.2 2.4 15.3 31.9 2.1 137.5 361.7 2.6 Breast MCF-7 10.3 32.2 3.1 22.5 53