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M H Abel, D Baban, S Lee, H M Charlton and P J O'Shaughnessy

through direct action on the Sertoli cells ( McLachlan et al . 2002 ). The role of gonadotrophins is clearly seen in the hypogonadal ( hpg ) mouse that lacks GnRH ( Mason et al . 1986 ) and, consequently, has undetectable circulating levels of LH and FSH

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Ting Xiao, Xiuci Liang, Hailan Liu, Feng Zhang, Wen Meng and Fang Hu

membrane potential in mouse hepatocytes. The overexpression of HSP60 enhanced ER stress and impaired insulin signaling. Importantly, our studies demonstrate HSP60-regulated ER stress-induced hepatic lipogenesis via the mTORC1-SREBP1 signaling pathway. Thus

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S Das, I Sepahi, A Duthie, S Clark and J C Crockett

purchased from Sigma-Aldrich, unless stated otherwise. Transcription activator-like effector nucleases design Transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALEN) constructs were custom-designed by Dundee Cell Products Ltd, Dundee, UK, against mouse RANK

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Rihua Zhang, Dongming Su, Weidong Zhu, Qiong Huang, Menglan Liu, Yi Xue, Yuanyuan Zhang, Dong li, Allan Zhao and Yun Liu

Introduction In postmenopausal women, estrogen loss is an independent risk factor for more severe menopausal symptoms, such as metabolic disease, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes ( Carr 2003 , Manrique et al . 2012 ). Studies on mouse

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Zhengjie Yan, Youjin Dai, Heling Fu, Yuan Zheng, Dan Bao, Yuan Yin, Qin Chen, Xiaowei Nie, Qingting Hao, Daorong Hou and Yugui Cui

but shorter than that of humans. The mouse d -galactose ( d -gal)-induced POF model is used as a model of aging in mice and has been widely used to study the mechanisms underlying ovarian aging, because the accelerated aging observed in this model is

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Irina G Bogdarina, Peter J King and Adrian J L Clark

of the AT1b is not immediately obvious when studied in the mouse knockout models as compensatory increases in Agtr1a expression and/or the function can obscure its role. Agtr1b- knockout animals have impaired thirst-sensing and drinking, but are

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Yasmine Hachemi, Anna E Rapp, Ann-Kristin Picke, Gilbert Weidinger, Anita Ignatius and Jan Tuckermann

genomic effects by the induction and repression of gene expression in a cell-type-specific manner and nongenomic rapid effects in particular at high GC doses. GC action in bone – lessons from mouse models In a hallmark study, Weinstein and

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Paul de Goede, Jakob Wefers, Eline Constance Brombacher, Patrick Schrauwen and Andries Kalsbeek

indirect evidence for circadian clock control of mitochondrial content comes from several KO models in rodents and cell lines. KO of Per2 in mouse embryonic fibroblasts did not lead to an altered number of mitochondria, as determined by fluorescent

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Richard Barbuto and Jane Mitchell

et al . 2004 ). Mouse and rat OSX proteins are expressed as both long and short isoforms that appear as two major bands of 56 and 46 kDa on immunoblots of bone protein extracts ( Hong et al . 2009 ). It is not clear whether there are any differences

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Yihong Wan and Ronald M Evans

atherosclerosis. The importance of this receptor is accentuated by the widespread use of TZDs as drugs for insulin resistance and type II diabetes. Numerous studies using mouse genetic models or synthetic PPARγ agonists have suggested that PPARγ also regulates