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Irit Hochberg, Innocence Harvey, Quynh T Tran, Erin J Stephenson, Ariel L Barkan, Alan R Saltiel, William F Chandler, and Dave Bridges

leads to similar clinical manifestations. Numerous studies have shown that glucocorticoids have profound effects on adipose tissue metabolism, including the promotion of adipocyte differentiation ( Hauner et al . 1987 ) and induction of lipolysis and

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Feng Zhang, Qi Xiong, Hu Tao, Yang Liu, Nian Zhang, Xiao-Feng Li, Xiao-Jun Suo, Qian-Ping Yang, and Ming-Xin Chen

intramuscular adipogenesis in this study. The accumulation of intramuscular fat is a dynamic process depending on lipogenesis, lipolysis, adipogenesis, and apoptosis. The disruption of one the these steps deeply affects intramuscular turnover. Acyl-Coenzyme A

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Hyon-Seung Yi, Joon Young Chang, and Minho Shong

-sucrose diet-fed mice by sirtuin-mediated UPR mt , triggering an adaptive mitohormesis in the liver of mice ( Gariani et al . 2016 ). The UPR mt induced by skeletal muscle-specific OxPhos deficiency is also associated with enhanced lipolysis and fatty acid

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Alba Moreno-Asso, Ali Altıntaş, Luke C McIlvenna, Rhiannon K Patten, Javier Botella, Andrew J McAinch, Raymond J Rodgers, Romain Barrès, and Nigel K Stepto

M Langin D Gaster M Thoresen GH Rustan AC 2015 Primary defects in lipolysis and insulin action in skeletal muscle cells from type 2 diabetic individuals . Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1851 1194 – 1201 . (

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Oro Uchenunu, Michael Pollak, Ivan Topisirovic, and Laura Hulea

expenditure, reduced lipolysis and greater fatty acid re-esterification in the adipose tissue ( Le Bacquer et al . 2007 ). Furthermore, resistance to insulin in EIF4EBP1 and EIF4EBP2 double knockout mice was associated with increased RPS6KB activity