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Journal of Molecular Endocrinology is an official journal of the Society for Endocrinology and is endorsed by the Endocrine Society of Australia.

Journal of Molecular Endocrinology is a leading global journal that publishes original research articles and reviews. The journal focuses on molecular and cellular mechanisms in endocrinology, including: gene regulation, cell biology, signalling, mutations, transgenics, hormone-dependant cancers, nuclear receptors. Basic and pathophysiological studies at the molecule and cell level are considered, as well as human sample studies where this is the experimental model of choice. Technique studies including Omics, CRISPR or gene editing are also encouraged, provided they are set within a larger endocrinology context.

Alongside the core endocrinology topics, the journal also encourages comprehensive mechanistic studies on cardiovascular, muscle and renal endocrinology as well as submissions on the immune system impact on the endocrine system.