Impact Factor Collection


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The Journal of Molecular Endocrinology's 2019 Impact Factor is 3.562 ensuring its impressive five-year measure continues with a score of 3.672.

To celebrate Journal of Molecular Endocrinology’s new Impact Factor, the Editorial Team have compiled a collection of highly cited articles contributing to the latest Impact Factor.


Highly cited in 2019


40 YEARS OF IGF1: IGF-binding proteins
L A Bach

40 YEARS OF IGF1: Insulin-like growth factors: actions on the skeleton
Shoshana Yakar, Haim Werner and Clifford J Rosen

Circadian rhythms in mitochondrial respiration
Paul de Goede et al.

40 YEARS OF IGF1: IGF1 receptor signaling pathways
Fumihiko Hakuno and Shin-Ichiro Takahashi

Curcumin exerts a protective effect against premature ovarian failure in mice
Zhengjie Yan et al.

Molecular mechanisms of glucocorticoids on skeleton and bone regeneration after fracture
Yasmine Hachemi et al.

The role of beta cell heterogeneity in islet function and insulin release
Daniela Nasteska and David J Hodson

SULFATION PATHWAYS: Steroid sulphatase inhibition via aryl sulphamates: clinical progress, mechanism and future prospects
Barry V L Potter

Knockdown of NLRP3 alleviates high glucose or TGFB1-induced EMT in human renal tubular cells
Shan Song et al.

Central regulation of food intake in fish: an evolutionary perspective
José Luis Soengas, José Miguel Cerdá-Reverter and María Jesús Delgado

Decidual cell regulation of trophoblast is altered in pregnancies at risk of pre-eclampsia
L B James-Allan et al.

Molecular regulation of follicle-stimulating hormone synthesis, secretion and action
Nandana Das and T Rajendra Kumar

Estrogen-induced inhibition of spermatogenesis in zebrafish is largely reversed by androgen
Luiz Henrique de Castro Assis et al.

40 YEARS of IGF1: IGF1: the Jekyll and Hyde of the aging brain
Sriram Gubbi et al.

DNA methylation in epigenetic inheritance of metabolic diseases through the male germ line
Louise Ruby Høj Illum et al.

40 YEARS OF IGF1: IGF1 receptor and thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy
Michelle Mohyi and Terry J Smith

SULFATION PATHWAYS: Alternate steroid sulfation pathways targeted by LC–MS/MS analysis of disulfates: application to prenatal diagnosis of steroid synthesis disorders
Oscar J Pozo et al.

SULFATION PATHWAYS: Insights into steroid sulfation and desulfation pathways
Paul A Foster and Jonathan Wolf Mueller

LncRNA NEAT1 promotes inflammatory response and induces corneal neovascularization
Yan-hui Bai et al.

Effects of thyroid hormones on thermogenesis and energy partitioning
K Alexander Iwen, Rebecca Oelkrug and Georg Brabant