Endocrine Metabolic GPCRs


Themed collection: Endocrine Metabolic GPCR


This collection accompanies the new Bioscientifica event, Endocrine Metabolic G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). Receive a 10% discount on your registration fee when you submit a research article to this collection.

Led by Journal of Molecular Endocrinology Editor, Dr Caroline Gorvin, and Guest Editors Professor Aylin Hanyaloglu and Professor Davide Calebiro, this collection will explore the structural basis of GPCR activation and the latest methods to study complex GPCR signalling.

Key topics of interest include:

  • Latest methodologies to study complex GPCR signalling at the micro/macro-scale.
  • Metabolite-sensing GPCR biology from pharmacology to physiology.
  • Novel endocrine mediators of GPCRs and the Structural basis of GPCR activation.

To claim the 10% registration discount, please email jme@bioscientifica.com with a proposed title for your research paper and a short paragraph outlining the content by 5pm on Friday 22 March. The deadline for submission will be 3 months after the event at 5pm on Tuesday 16 July. Extensions can be available on request, but please include this in your email.


Collection editors:


Dr Caroline Gorvin
University of Birmingham, UK

photo of Dr Caroline Gorvinl


Professor Aylin Hanyaloglu
Imperial College London, UK

photo of Professor Aylin Hanyaloglu


Professor Davide Calebiro
University of Birmingham, UK

photo of Professor Davide Calebiro