Oestrogen receptor mRNA and a related RNA transcript in mouse ovaries

in Journal of Molecular Endocrinology
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Oestrogen receptor mRNA expression in mouse ovaries was analysed by Northern blotting of total RNA using 32P-labelled RNA probes complementary to different functional domains of the oestrogen receptor. The ~6·5 kb mouse oestrogen receptor mRNA transcript was present in immature and adult ovaries at extremely low abundance compared with uterus and oviduct. Using a probe complementary to the steroid-binding domain of the oestrogen receptor (probe EF), a novel RNA transcript of ~1·5 kb was also found in the ovaries but was absent from uterus and oviduct. The melting temperature of the hybrid produced by the ~1·5 kb transcript with probe EF was ~10°C lower than that produced by authentic oestrogen receptor mRNA, which demonstrates incomplete sequence homology between the two transcripts and indicates that the ~1·5 kb RNA is not a truncated form of oestrogen receptor mRNA. Furthermore, the ~1·5 kb RNA lacks the DNA-binding domain found in the oestrogen receptor. The ~1·5 kb RNA, but not oestrogen receptor mRNA, was enriched in total RNA from isolated granulosa cells compared with residual ovarian tissue. The encoded product of this novel oestrogen receptor-related RNA could be a steroid-binding protein involved in oestrogen action in the ovaries.


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