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Professor Colin Farquharson
Colin Farquharson, BSc, PhD
Professor of Skeletal Biology,
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Science
University of Edinburgh-Roslin Institute
Professor Martin Haluzík
Martin Haluzík, MD, DSc
Professor of Internal Medicine,
Charles University, Prague;
Head of Diabetes Centre and
Head of the Laboratory of Translational and
Experimental Diabetology and Obesitology,
Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine,
Czech Republic
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Journal of Molecular Endocrinology journal vol 65 issue 1 cover

Journal of Molecular Endocrinology journal vol 61 issue 2 cover

Journal of Molecular Endocrinology journal vol 61 issue 1 cover

90 Years of Progesterone
July 2020
Guest editors:
Simak Ali and Bert W O’Malley

Thematic Reviews on Sulfation Pathways
August 2018
Guest editor:
Jon Wolf Mueller and Paul A Foster

40 Years of IGF
July 2018
Guest editors:
Emily Jane Gallagher and Derek LeRoith

Journal of Molecular Endocrinology journal vol 56 issue 4 cover

Journal of Molecular Endocrinology journal vol 55 issue 3 cover

Journal of Molecular Endocrinology journal vol 53 issue 1 cover

60 Years of POMC
May 2016
Guest editors:
Adrian J L Clark and Philip Lowry

75 Years of Oestradiol
December 2015
Guest editors:
Adrian Clark and Sof Andrikopoulos

40 Years of IGF
August 2014
Guest editor:
Cory J Xian


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Characterising hyperinsulinemia-induced insulin resistance in human skeletal muscle cells

Authors: Mark C Turner et al.
Volume 64: Issue 3, Pages: 125–132


Butyrate modulates diabetes-linked gut dysbiosis: epigenetic and mechanistic modifications

Authors: Mohamed H Noureldein et al.
Volume 64: Issue 1, Pages: 29–42


PCOS serum-derived exosomal miR-27a-5p stimulates endometrial cancer cells migration and invasion

Authors: Xiaoxia Che et al.
Volume 64: Issue 1, Pages: 1–12


90 Years of progesterone: Ninety years of progesterone: the ‘other’ ovarian hormone

Authors: Simak Ali, Kirsty Balachandran, and Bert O’Malley
Volume 65: Issue 1, Pages: E1–E4


miR-183-5p regulates uterine receptivity and enhances embryo implantation

Authors: Rubab Akbar et al.
Volume 64: Issue 1, Pages: 43–52


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Integrated omics: tools, advances and future approaches

Authors: Biswapriya B Misra et al.
Volume 62: Issue 1, Pages: R21–R45


Circadian clock genes and the transcriptional architecture of the clock mechanism

Authors: Kimberly H Cox and Joseph S Takahashi
Volume 63: Issue 4, Pages: R93–R102


Novel actions of sclerostin on bone

Authors: Gill Holdsworth, Scott J Roberts, and Hua Zhu Ke
Volume 62: Issue 2, Pages: R167–R185


Stress and glucocorticoid receptor regulation of mitochondrial gene expression

Authors: Hannah E Lapp, Andrew A Bartlett, and Richard G Hunter
Volume 62: Issue 23, Pages: R121–R128


Aldose reductase regulates hyperglycemia-induced HUVEC death via SIRT1/AMPK-alpha 1/mTOR pathway

Authors: Pabitra B Pal et al.
Volume 63: Issue 1, Pages: 11–25